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“She’s not well-educated, and Marcia is bad, as I always say.”

“She’s not well-educated, and Marcia is bad, as I always say.”

Francisco Montero has accused Marcia Montero of having a spoiled interior, photos that appeared on “The Final Hour of Big Brother” on Wednesday, December 13.

These behaviors have made Manuel Luis Gosha tough and he revealed that he wishes he had not been the winner of the Big Brother grand final.

It’s inelegant. He always says he can’t deal with “the crazy one” and that Marcia is rude, but he behaves towards his colleagues who are not elegant at all. So I think losing this will be a life lesson for him,” Manuel Luis Goscha said.

Returning to the comments in the last hour of BB 2023, Sinha Jardim’s shot, “Francisco Montero always takes the initiative to calm things down. They are stuck in that sweet spot, throwing everything, saying everything negative between them, but he always tries to see the positive side of Marcia Soares.”

“Marcia is bad, I keep saying, she never fooled me, I don’t expect anything from her in the game… I have to say feelings, Francisco Montero is a good player.” She is an educated and well-built person, but Marcia is not very polite…”

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Sinha Jardim
Sinha Jardim

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