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Shift before closing time on Wall Street

Shift before closing time on Wall Street

The Federal Reserve’s January meeting minutes helped major indices on Wall Street recover after Wednesday’s drop. The increase after the publication of the minutes is related to the satisfaction of the central bank’s commitment to the plan and the failure to start raising interest rates faster than expected.

Standard & Poor’s 500 It rose 0.09 percent to 4475. Viacom was the biggest loser among the 500 stocks in the index and fell more than 15 percent after lower quarterly numbers and the announcement of its name change to Paramount Global.

Technology Index Nasdaq It fell 0.11 percent to 14,124. Meta fell 2 percent after Google announced stricter privacy and tracking policies.

Dow Jones It rose marginally by 0.16 percent to 34,934. Among the winners were Boeing and Nike, which rose 3.61 and 2.78%, respectively, at the close.

Fear of conflict still characterizes the market

Geopolitical risk is a hard thing to trade. We just have to wait and see what happens . says Delano Sapporo, CEO of New Street Advisors Group CNBC.

On Tuesday afternoon, President Joe Biden spoke about the latest developments between Russia and Ukraine, and reiterated that the United States would defend NATO territory.

“If Russia goes to war, we will unite the world,” Biden said, adding that Washington’s allies are ready to impose severe sanctions that will undermine Russia’s ability to compete economically and strategically.

Oil prices fell 2.25 percent to $91.34 a barrel. Bitcoin is down 0.09 percent, while Ethereum is up 1.37 percent.

The VIX, a measure of market volatility, fell more than five percent to 24.34.

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