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Shingles Vaccine Campaign |  TRT6 – Regional Labor Court of the Sixth District

Shingles Vaccine Campaign | TRT6 – Regional Labor Court of the Sixth District

Registration for the 6th District Regional Labor Court’s herpes zoster vaccination campaign is open between March 8th and 20th. The action aims to disseminate information on how to prevent this disease and offer the vaccine, at a discount of about 23% compared to the market price. Each dose will have an initial cost of R$585.86, plus the vaccination fee, which is R$70.00 – under the responsibility of Clínica NM Magalhães – for a total of R$655.86. Without a discount, the immunostimulator costs about R$850.00. The vaccine is recommended for people 50 years of age or older and adults 18 years of age or older with medical indications because they are at increased risk of getting herpes zoster.

To join the campaign it is necessary to fill in the forms – Adhesion Duration (.odt 31.01 KB) and Commitment Duration (.odt 6.84 KB) – available at the end of this article and sent by functional e-mail . After scanning, the completed forms should be sent to the email [email protected]. For payment, the deposit must be made to the Astra6 account (Banco Bradesco – agency account 2679-4 001934-8) or via PIX – key: email [email protected], amounts indicating the first dose, with subsequent sending of proof Payment until 03/25 to the following emails: [email protected] and [email protected]. There will be no extension of the registration deadline and those who do not join within the specified period will not be able to enjoy the benefits obtained from Clínica NM Magalhães / Laboratório GSK.

Judges, civil servants, dependents and/or other persons referred to may participate in the campaign, as long as they are authorized by the holders, and there is no requirement that the parties involved be members of Astra6.

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In April, there will be an increase in the price of the drugs, which will lead to a discrepancy in the value of the second dose (the rate of increase will be about 10 to 11% – to pay for the second dose, in May).

Check the vaccination schedule
The first dose
The first dose will be taken at TRT6 Health Center on 04/12/2023 – from 2pm to 5pm. After this date, at Clínica NM – Natália Magalhães, at Rua Cardeal Arcoverde, 308, Graças, Recife, Tel: 81-98770.9311 or at Empresarial Recife Trade Center Julião Lins – Av. Conselheiro Aguiar, nº 1472, sala 71, Boa Viagem, Recife, phone: 81-98324.9512 or in Vitória de Santo Antão-PE – Centro Médico Dr. Manoel Valdemar, Rua Melo Verçosa, nº577, phone 81-98118.2314.

The second dose
It will only be taken in the clinic, in the month of June (date to be determined).
On the day of the vaccine application, a mandatory identity document must be presented.

What is herpes zoster?
Herpes zoster (HZ), a disease known as “shingles,” is caused by reactivation of a varicella-zoster virus, such as chickenpox, dormant in the body after a previous infection. The disease is characterized by a localized rash (usually in the form of small blisters), often painful. The main complication is postherpetic neuralgia, pain that can persist long after the vesicles on the skin have disappeared. Depending on the severity of symptoms, the condition can have a significant impact on quality of life and lead to physical disability, loss of independence, and/or depression.

Download the documents to join the vaccination campaign.

adhesion hold. (.odt 31.01 KB)

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commitment period. (.odt 6.84 KB)