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Shock discovery: This is how it was discovered

Shock discovery: This is how it was discovered

On April 23, a group of construction workers found a woman on the roof of a grocery store in Midland, Michigan in the United States. She writes that she lived there Midland Daily News.

Contractors were doing work at a Family Fare grocery store when they found her alive on the roof behind the store's sign. They called the police, who transported the woman away from the scene.

– He's never seen anything like it

– I have never seen anything like this before in my career, Midland Police spokesman Brennon Warren tells the local newspaper.

Eat five McDonald's meals a day

The woman, whom police called the “rooftop ninja,” had been living inside the store's sign for about a year, according to police.

Inside her “apartment” she had a small office, a food pantry, and potted plants.

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When police learned of the situation, officers told her she needed to find another place to live.

“Now you live somewhere else,” Warren says.

That's how it was discovered

Contractors discovered an extension cord extending to the top of the roof while working and traced it behind the family toll sign, where they found the woman.

“They were very surprised to see someone living in the sign,” says Warren.

At the time of writing, Family Fare has not filed any charges against the woman.

Nordman was sentenced to life imprisonment

Nordman was sentenced to life imprisonment

Police say the store agreed to work with the woman to remove her furniture and move her to her new home.

Family Fare management did not want to comment on the incident when asked about the “former rooftop tenant.”

Police offered the woman assistance with housing and other resources. She reportedly declined the offer.

The 34-year-old has a job, but is not an employee at Family Fare.

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