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Shooting at a school in Kazan - NRK Urix - foreign documentary news

Shooting at a school in Kazan – NRK Urix – foreign documentary news

Television pictures from Russia show schoolchildren and frightened parents outside a school in Kazan.

The nightmare began when two young men began shooting inside the school building.

Reuters reported that the death toll rose to 11 Tuesday morning. Four wounded.

City police reported that a young man had been arrested. The other perpetrator was shot dead, according to Tass. It has not been confirmed by any other party.

One of the dead must be a school teacher, the others must be students.

Other students at the school are evacuated from the scene.

“Some children jumped from the windows on the third floor to save themselves from the person who shot them,” eyewitness Delgara Samigolina told TASS.

According to the Russian Information Agency, an explosion was heard in the school. Videos shared on social media show emergency cars outside the school building, broken windows and building debris.

The RIA Novosti news agency had announced earlier on Tuesday morning, nine people were killed in the shooting and four others were wounded.

– My God, they shoot there, says a woman filming while the students and teachers are probably the ones throwing themselves out of the windows of School 175.

There should be a large police force on the spot.

The person arrested is said to be 17 years old. Russian news agency TASS reported that the other perpetrator was held hostage inside the school before police shot and killed him.

The motive for the attack is currently unclear.

Kazan is the fifth largest city in Russia and is located 800 kilometers east of Moscow on the Volga River.

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