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Shopee launches retrospective 2022 through the app; See how yours are made

At the end of every year, we have several platforms and apps that release retrospective tools for their users to get a summary of their experience with the service over the period. To the surprise of many, Shopee You decide to make your own for 2022, with the app.

Shopping app users will be able to review their spending through the app, see what their first purchase was, and which categories where buy more, total orders, etc. It might be a good idea to forego spending more at the end of the year.

But the folks at Shopee see their tool in a different light. The store wants users to be able to see how much they’ve saved over the course of a year using the app. This is why your back view also contains the total value “saved”, by coupons and discounts used on purchases, as well as Shopee Coins earned.

“The resource aims to show the user’s behavior on the platform, in a fun way, so that they can form good memories. With this tool, we seek to connect users even more with their Shopee journey” – says Philip Berenger, Shopee Marketing Officer.

Speaking of a “fun method,” the retrospective app for 2022 also features a quiz, for the user to test their knowledge and memories about your shopping Throughout the year. The feature will be available on the iOS and Android versions of the Shopee app, between December 16th and 25th.