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Short Research Guide for Fire Gel

Nowadays pigeons have started to nest everywhere, more and more in the urban areas. This is a reason why a new solution for bird control has to have been made. Introducing Fire Gel products on the market has proven to be a real success in the case of bird infestation. This type of product has been evaluated by the health department and proven to meet all the health requirements. Before using a gel dish as a bird proofing method, it is best to read some introductory information on how these products work, how efficient and lasting they are, and where and how you can install them.

Is Fire Gel safe to use?

The United Kingdom Health and Safety department has conducted a full evaluation of this product. After putting it through many product trials and tests they have reached the conclusion that it meets the requirements to be sold on the public market. This bird control product’s ingredients are seen and recognised as foodstuffs. This means that compared to other alternative chemical methods of pest control this gel-based one is easier to be installed and does not cause any harm. Its active ingredients are both waterproof and inflammable, presenting no risk for it to burst into flames when placed on direct sunlight contact.

How Does It Work?

The way this product works is also the reason why it is called Fire Gel. Its active ingredients create a fire-like image when the UV light projects from the oils in this gel. This image cannot be seen by the human eye, only the birds can see it. When the birds notice the flame alike image, they immediately get a sense of danger and they fly away from that area. This fire image is the key deterrent element in this gel and it is also the reason why it has proven to be so efficient as a bird control method. Birds are also repelled by the smell of their ingredients, an aspect that provides another perfect reason for them to avoid their surroundings. In case a bird comes in physical contact with the product, its highly evolved sense of smell and taste quickly notices something is wrong and determines the bird to keep its distance.

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Suitable for Any Weather Conditions

This bird repellent product has barely any usage restrictions. Its efficiency has been proven to be at 100% levels when installed under any weather conditions. From extreme cold, heavy rain to blazing summer sun any sort of bird got repelled by its presence. It works when installed either outdoors, in the area of infestation and nesting, or indoors. Its long-lasting active ingredients have been proven to work up to 5 years long even when installed in harsh environments like the ones including corrosive salty water.

Installation Process for This Bird Control Product

When the time comes to install this product, you need to contact a professional. Also, there are some things that need to be respected. Firstly, the infested area should be cleaned. This means removing all the signs of bird presence nests and droppings. It is important to thoroughly clean their droppings due to the presence of bird hormones in them that can act as a strong attraction for the birds to come back to their place. Their feces also contain a great number of bacteria that can cause a variety of health diseases when inhaled. It is best to use a protective mask when you do the cleaning process. After the cleaning has been done, allow the surface to dry prior to the installation of the bird control free Fire Gel product. As it is placed based on a silicon adhesive material, in order for it to stick onto the surface, it has to be well dried.

Meanwhile, you can determine the necessary spacing you should be placing the gel dishes. This normally depends on how many birds are infesting your surroundings. The bird density is evaluated as three types of pressure areas: low, medium, and high. For low-pressure areas, the dish spacing should range between 25 and 30 cm. In areas that attract even lesser birds, you can place the dishes between 30 and 50 cm. For medium-density locations placing between 20 and 25 cm should be sufficient, and for the high-pressure areas between 10 and 15cm or even a slightly shorter distance, it is recommended.

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A box of bird free deterrent gel comes loaded with a total of 15 dishes. Depending on what type of pressure area you are dealing with you should be able to determine how many dishes you need in order to successfully keep the birds away. The gel dishes need to be fixed in position once the area has been disinfected and the surface has completely dried.

Short List of Facts

In conclusion here is a short list of general aspects of Fire Gel products:

  • They are quick and easy to be installed
  • You can install them yourself in most infestation situations
  • These products have proven to offer effective and fast results
  • They meet all the Health and Safety department requirements
  • Their action is considered being humane because their use does not harm the birds or any other animals
  • Small products that cannot be seen from below
  • Long-lasting up to 5 years
  • Designed to be placed under any type of weather condition
  • Works perfectly indoors and outdoors
  • The manufacturer provides the product with 2 years usage guarantee
  • Immediate availability for online purchases
  • It is one of the best reviewed products for bird control use
  • Depending on the gravity of your pest situation you can supply yourself with either a single pack or in case you need a larger quantity you can contact the manufacturer to take advantage of their discounted multi-packs
  • In comparison to other repellent products on the market, this one comes with full efficiency at an average price.