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Shot after a joke

Shot after a joke

Cook runs a YouTube channel where he harass strangers in shops, streets and restaurants. He is usually kicked out of the store or threatened to call the police. This time an error occurred.

In a shopping mall in Virginia, USA, he was approached by a random guy, while one of his friends was filming, writing Watchman.

Cook’s father, Jeremy Cook, told L.L.C from the inside.

It was alleged that the man who had been conned took a semi-automatic firearm and shot him in the stomach. The bullet must have hit the stomach and liver. Cook was admitted to intensive care and survived, but his gallbladder had to be removed. According to his father, he is now on heavy medication for severe pain.

The father tells Insider he hopes his son will recover.

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– Tanner Cook told local news channel Wusa from a hospital bed: – I was making a joke, a simple practical joke, and the guy didn’t take it well and shot me.

The video was provided as evidence to the police.

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A 31-year-old was arrested after the shooting and the case is scheduled to open in May. According to Insider, the accused was previously reported to have committed acts of violence against a government official and his family.

During a Facebook post shared by his father, Jeremy Cook, about the incident, there were hundreds of critical comments about the Youtuber.

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– I really hope he learns from this and learns that joking and driving people to the point is not good, one woman wrote.

The 21-year-old told Wusa News Channel that he has no plans to stop making prank videos for his channel of more than 40,000 followers, as it is his “big passion.”

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