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SIC Audience Queen Clara de Souza says she's never been afraid to be poor: "I've never hidden my origins. Anyone who refuses is shamed" - Nacional

SIC Audience Queen Clara de Souza says she’s never been afraid to be poor: “I’ve never hidden my origins. Anyone who refuses is shamed” – Nacional

Clara de Souza, at age 53, is the main face of SIC. The hub gets the highest viewership in Paço de Arcos’ main television newspaper, rotating the presentation with Rodrigo Guedes de Carvalho. She recently presented ‘Globos de Ouro’, where she was highly praised for her stance.

But life was not always easy for the journalist who grew up in the municipality of Cascais. But it was not in Quinta da Marinha, nor in the posh quarters of the village. Clara, in an interview with Expresso, recalls that her parents always lived at work and that they and her brother did not have, for example, “flamingo ham and cheese at home.”

Today, with a salary well above the average Portuguese woman, Clara remembers her childhood and youth when she was taught the culture of working and saving. “I tend to be a back-up person. I will never be able to live in peace, with my natural joy, and my natural neglect, if I always have a rope in my throat or live beyond my means. My mother used to say that money is not for one who earns it, but for one who keeps it.” He added, “With the help of neighbors, filling in cement slabs, and setting up roofs, they built a house. One of the things that distinguished me was that in my house there was never ham, nor leg nor shovel, nor flamingo cheese. I only ate these things at my godmother’s house, where I started My mother worked at the age of 18, my mother came to Lisbon at the age of 11 to raise, because this is what happened: Young women came from the countryside to raise in the city If they asked me if something basic was missing, I would say no. I didn’t even think I was poor. I was very wealthy and very free! I had the possibility to create and occupy my time as I wanted. If it was so it was raining, and I stayed indoors enjoying board games, and in the street I played the top, the marbles. I adapted to the circumstances.”

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Asked if it would be easy today, when everyone recognizes her, to assume such humble origins, Clara replied: “I have never hidden them.” [as origens humildes]. Whoever refuses and insults himself and insults everyone who was before him and whoever allowed him to exist.”

Clara lost her mother very early, at the age of 56, to cancer. Father passed away this year, in August.

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