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SIC bans journalist live on air

SIC bans journalist live on air

Ricardo Costa, CIO of SIC, has banned popular journalist Teresa Dimas.

The truth is that there is not much comment that can be made, just look at the pictures below, where the CIO vetoed the work of Teresa Dimas.

On social media, reactions were mixed. “Shame on the SIC director, how can the Prime Minister’s brother use an attempted abuse of power to live on a subordinate who was even skeptical of Ricardo Costa’s foam! The arrogance of the living PS. Shame!”

We can still read Ricardo Costa before being subjected to mild and hysterical reactions live on air I should do the journalist’s job and call OM to verify the “facts” reported yesterday. He took the statement of one of the parties as true without verifying it.

He is also accused of censorship.”Do we really live in a democracy? Today, Antonio Costa’s brother ended up silencing a journalist and saying that her question was irrelevant. What happened is shameful. Journalist deserves more respect! This is true socialism – censorship.”

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