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Daniel Oliveira é alvo de críticas em nova crónica: “A SIC vive dias negros…”

“SIC is having dark days…”

Paolo Abreu, Editor-in-Chief of TV Guia, released a chronicle and analyzed the direction of Daniel Oliveira, as Program Director of SIC. The leader did not skimp on criticism and highlighted the “failures”.

The soap opera from Paço de Arcos station continues to lose out in terms of audience compared to its direct competitor. Meanwhile, the telenovela “Lua de Mel”, was transmitted to midnight, showing poor results.

In a recent record, Paolo Abreu did not skimp on his criticism of SIC’s program management: “1🇧🇷 SIC’s national imagination is seeing dark days. See, dear reader: “Sangue Oculto”, the first primetime soap opera, always loses to “Festa É Festa” (…) The second, “Por Ti”, rarely tickles its competitor, “Quero É Viver”. As for “Lua de Mel”, (…) it went down, at the last stage, beyond midnight, without honor or glory – the devoted Luísa Cruz did not deserve such disinterest “I started writing.

After this, the director of TV Guia highlighted that the TV series “Sangue Oculto” is “interesting” and has a “good performance”, however, the audience did not live up to the expectations of Daniel Oliveira.

Also regarding the launch of “Por Ti”, on March 7, Daniel Oliveira took it proudly, along with the Lourenço Ortigão trophy, which he had just stolen from TVI: “We want to tell stories that are attractive enough for viewers. About “Lua de Mel”, whose first episode aired on June 6, he confirmed that it will “surprise people every night with a light and fun story”, added the historian.

At the end of the publication, Paolo Abreu puts a question to the readers: “The balance, then, is terrible, and no matter how many spins the director makes, there is no turning back: currently, the Portuguese are more attached to TVI schemes. And how will it be with the next, 🇧🇷Caminhos Cruzados, starring Barbara Branco, with a premiere scheduled soon? “Been completed.

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