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SIC Notes |  Covid-19: Vaccination numbers in Portugal and the world

SIC Notes | Covid-19: Vaccination numbers in Portugal and the world

Numbers in Portugal

5.2 million

Receive doses


Inoculated doses


The average daily for the last seven days

The vaccinated population


With a dose (31.7%)


With a complete vaccine (13.7%)

More conservative models indicate that herd immunity is achieved when 7 in 10 people are vaccinated. The European goal is to reach the end of the summer by immunizing 70% of adults, that is, by taking two doses of the vaccine.

Portugal has already received over 5.2 million doses and 31.3% of the Portuguese have already been vaccinated – with the full vaccine the value drops to 14%.

About 89% of the population over the age of 80 already has the full vaccine – with a single dose of the vaccine the percentage goes up to 95%. Data from the DGS Weekly Report, released this Tuesday, indicates more than 1.2 million doses were taken over the age of 80, but it was the age group between 65 and 79 that received the most doses: 1.8 million.

Tooth grafting

Percent of the population of every age group

Portugal is currently in the process of moving to the third phase of the vaccination calendar, and the vast majority (69%) of the doses taken this week have already targeted people under the age of 65. Another large segment, 28%, was for those between the ages of 65 and 79 – currently 89% of this age group have already taken the first dose and 22.5% have the full vaccine. The age group below, between 50-64 years, went from 163,000 doses the previous week to 273,000 doses this week (46% of the total ingested this week).

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Doses taken according to age

Distribution of the cumulative number of doses (in thousands) by age group. Since February 15

The north, the Lisbon region and Valle de Tigo add more vaccinated doses, but Alentejo is the region of the country that leads the population with full vaccination (18.8%), followed by the center (18.2%). Lisbon, Ville de Tigo, the Algarve, and Accursion are currently the regions with the lowest percentage of the population vaccinated.

Vaccination by region

On mainland Portugal

Globally, one way to understand the speed at which different countries are being vaccinated is to note how many doses are taken per 100 people.

Countries with the largest number of vaccinated doses

Total vaccinated doses per 100 people. In countries and territories with a population of more than 400,000 people

Israel led the race from an early age. The government, which was seeking re-election in March, reportedly paid nearly twice what the European Union paid for each dose and shared weekly citizen clinical information with the pharmaceutical company Pfizer.

The United Arab Emirates, and in Europe, the United Kingdom, also occupies enviable positions in the world rankings. In the countries of South America, Chile stands out.

Total doses in the European Union

Total vaccinated doses per 100 people

In the European Union, vaccines are sent simultaneously to all member states and the dose distribution is proportional to the population of each country. However, member states can still vaccinate at different speeds.

Portugal has always been nearly on par with the average of the 27 member states. Malta and Hungary stand out in the positive Other partners. With the lowest number of doses per capita are Bulgaria, Latvia and Croatia.

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Population infected with complete vaccine

Proportion of population residing with full vaccination. In countries and territories with a population of more than 400,000 people

Portugal has received more than 32 million doses of various vaccines against COVID-19. The purchase is part of an agreement between the European Union and six pharmaceutical companies. At the moment, there are four EMA approved vaccines that are offered in Portugal: BioNTech / Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Janssen.

The development of Curevax, Novavax, and Spuntik V vaccines is being monitored by the European Medicines Agency.

New vaccinations by country

Moving average for the previous 7 days

The progress of vaccination plans in each country depends on operational and logistical issues. The second dose of the covid-19 vaccine should take place three weeks after the first dose.

In order to circumvent any defects in dose distribution, at the start of the vaccination campaign, in January, Portugal chose to keep the second dose for 21 days to ensure Inventory. This period was reduced at the end of January to one week.

Distribution of vaccine doses according to the country

The proportion of the population residing with the first dose of the vaccine and with complete vaccination. In countries and territories with a population of more than 400,000 people