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SIC Notes |  "I hugged people without touching them."  Joao Baiao remembers his girlfriend, Maria João Abreu

SIC Notes | “I hugged people without touching them.” Joao Baiao remembers his girlfriend, Maria João Abreu

Colleagues and friends João Baiao, Isabel Valadero and Jorge Corolla were in SIC’s Journal da Nuit to remember actress Maria João Abreu. The artist passed away on Thursday At the Hospital Garcia de Horta in Almada afterwards After suffering from a brain aneurysmLast week, during the recordings of the TV series “Sera.”

João Baiao, who also has a very close relationship with Maria João Abreu’s family, says her friend has been a part of her life “ever since forever” and remembers that even when they didn’t work together, they were a part of each other’s lives.

“I never found words to describe the importance Joao has in my life. There was always a call, and an invitation,” he says.

Actress Isabella Valadero said she would remember Maria João – who she described as “humility in the form of people” – “with great joy” and recalls:

“She was loved by a lot of people and loved her very much.”

The colleague and friend say that Maria João Abreu was a “very important” person in her life, and Isabella says, “I will always love her.”

Actor Jorge Corolla says his colleague will be with him “forever” and she meets her and remembers her as a generous and talented human being. She adds that she was a “divorced woman” and an “extraordinary person.”

“There are some who are in a speedboat, and some are in an inflatable boat without a paddle. Joao used to build bridges between people on the motorboat and those on the inflatable boat,” he says.

Maria João Abreu “rare”

Her friends referred – emotionally – to Maria João Abreu’s “very special” sensitivity, both on stage and behind the scenes, in the Journal da Nuit da Sic.

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“He hugged people without touching them,” says Joao Piao. He adds that the actress felt when her mates were just fine.

It also reminds us of the time when Maria João lived in Cartaxo, had young children and was working in television and theater at the same time.

“I’m going to miss the look, the tip and the touch,” he says.

“On stage, I was able to step out of character and say ‘I’m here, if I need help,'” he adds.

Isabella Valadero mentioned that Maria João Abreu is “Super João”, “A Caring For All”: “There aren’t many people like that. It’s really special, only people like that can do everything at the same time and well, with so much love.” “.

Jorge Corolla also highlights “generosity on the scene”: “He was someone who was full, original and had a third sense that was with you.”

“It is rare,” he says.

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