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SIC Notes |  The futsal goalkeeper dies after his stomach defense

SIC Notes | The futsal goalkeeper dies after his stomach defense

Ricardo Costa, goalkeeper of the Centro Sociale da Povarda futsal team, died in the municipality of Peniche, on Saturday, after an injury suffered during the match against the Évora de Alcobaça social center, the day before.

according to Regional newspaper “Gazeta das Caldas”, The 25-year-old complained and asked for help minutes after defending a shot from his stomach.

After receiving assistance from the medical teams of the Centro Social da Bufarda, the Social Center in Évora de Alcobaça and from the Peniche Fire Department, Ricardo Costa was transferred to the Peniche Hospital at around 11 pm, with a slight injury. However, the situation worsened in the following hours.

“We maintain the good times, friendship and companionship.”

In a Facebook post, Centro Social da Bufarda confirmed the athlete’s death, deplored the situation and left Ricardo Costa a farewell message.

The Bufarda Social Center Department today lost an element of the administration and the futsal team. From now on, we extend our deepest condolences to the family of our colleague Ricardo Costa. A strong embrace of support for the entire trend, the futsal team and the technical team who has a lot of strength to keep fighting. We preserve the good times, friendship and companionship … always Ricardo. We appreciate all the support provided by the other teams and institutions. “

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