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SIC plays on Christina's phrase.  Daniel Oliveira shares

SIC plays on Christina's phrase. Daniel Oliveira shares

“DrInside these shoes was an image of the Virgin Mary [de Fátima]. I can't explain to you how she was there. I don't know who wore it, and I don't know why he was in those shoes, but he was there. I cried for 15 minutes.” These words were said by Cristina Ferreira at the beginning of 2023 and a lot has been written about them.

At that time, during a session of the “Cristina Talks” conference, Cristina recounted a remarkable incident that happened to her, although the statements became the target of parody in the following days.

Days before the “Senhora do Mar” premiere, Daniel Oliveira shared a video teasing the plot on social media, and you can hear a snippet of it that seems to refer to Cristina's 2023 speech.

“I was wearing my shoes this morning, and what's on my shoes? It's the saint,” says Genoveva, the character played by Rita Blanco.

In the comments section of the post, there were those who immediately highlighted this phrase. “I liked the saint on the shoe, very good,” one netizen noted.

Watch the video in question below.

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