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SIC representatives mourn the “unexpected” death of their colleague.  “deep sad”

SIC representatives mourn the “unexpected” death of their colleague. “deep sad”

sOvia Alves He was one of the first known faces to use his official Instagram account in recent hours to publicly mourn the unexpected death of one of his co-workers.

Nuno da Silva He was a member of the team of SP Televisão, producer in charge of SIC TV series. He was a well-known and beloved worker.

“Dear Nuno, your unexpected departure has left us all deeply saddened… I thank you for everything, for your care, friendship and professionalism that you have always been with me. Rest in peace, my condolences and kisses to the whole family,” Sofia Alves declared in her honor.

Noemia Costa He also publicly mourned the unexpected loss.

“Behind the cameras there are thousands of people, they are colleagues, and Nuno Silva was one of them. He doesn’t say many things, but he always laughs with me. Good man. He left today, I hear he was in the studio… here on the other side of the Atlantic. Go Peace Nono. May God receive you in His glory,” he wrote.

Marcantonio Del Carlo He was not a close friend of Nono, but did not want to stop paying homage to him. “Nuno…or Silva, as many called him, Matt. We never exchanged big words, but I remember him in the studio on the variety operas I recorded for SP Televisão. He was polite, with little conversation, but everyone seemed to feel” life “around him,” he began by saying.

“I also remember seeing him walking down the ramp to the studios in São Marcos on the cold mornings we had. I thought several times about giving him a car ride. I never did and now he just comes to my door completing that thought, damn it!

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