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SIC |  Summary: Episode 41

SIC | Summary: Episode 41

* Episodes summaries are subject to changes due to the new release

Carlotta tries to entice Rosalinda to work with her, in return he helps her in the Leonor process. Rosalinda says she must think.

Fatima cries for her father, tries to get a signal on her cell phone, but she cannot. Fatima is in desperate need of what happened to her father.

Aida asks if there is a problem because she saw Carlotta talking to her. Elvira says she just came to call you to make cheese. Aida insists on meeting Rosalinda. Sãozinha appears and says Silvério is dead.

Silvério is almost meaningless, feels his presence and asks for help. Thomas, who was already heading in another direction, moved to his link, did not want to touch him and immediately called the fire department.

Vittoria is glad that Lina reconsidered the matter. Nicolaou is also happy to be back. Marta brings her wallet to Mariana to see, and Lina says she does not want services from her.

Nicolaou is afraid because Marta wants to work at the hotel. Guida warns him not to bring this in front of her. Guida narrates the episode with Mariana and how she dreamed of marrying Hugo.

Carlotta rebukes Mariana for what she did to Fatima. Mariana says her mother does not speak of jealousy because she knows very well why Lena is farewell. Carlotta sure Fernando has someone and says he will find out.

Vittoria is surprised to see Fernando and says it is dangerous to visit her at this time. Vitoria agrees to meet tomorrow at lunch, and she will send the location home. You know it’s wrong, but you’re happy.

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Fatima is worried, she wants to know how her father is doing. Relaxed by Thomas, and she’s now with the doctors, it could have been worse because so few people are there. Fatima wants to go see him, but her eyes turn to Thomas, who says he is waiting for her.

Carlotta is sarcastic, and wonders if she will fire Gustavo or not. He feels relieved to be free of this blackmail, and tells him that he has disappointed him so much, and he must want the best for his daughter. Carlotta doesn’t fire him. Thomas proposes to his brother to be his partner and to open an outdoor activities company.

Hugo Guida dazzles. Fausto recognizes him and serves coffee and says they are about to shut down. Guida asks if he wants to have dinner, but Hugo promises that he will have dinner with his mom and says he can’t.

Sãozinha looks at Jacinta, baffled because she is so tidy. Jacinta says she is going out with some friends. Tozé takes the existing tickets, Jacinta pulls them out, and leaves. Misunderstood Gueda, she almost missed being out with Salvador but adjusted her in time. Hortense says she is lucky to have children with her, and regrets Lena.

Moussa savors the cricket-based energy bar, he even likes Aida to say what it is. Moussa fears that Carlotta will make life difficult for them because Thomas has ended their engagement.

Fatima thanks Thomas for what she has done, and tells him she can go. He doesn’t want to leave her alone but in the meantime Paula arrives and realizes he has to go, and they share an emotional look. Paula promises that she will help more.

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Mariana doesn’t want her father to talk to Thomas. Carlotta says Thomas said goodbye to her but kept Gustavo away. Mariana takes the condom out of her father’s pocket and hides it.

Speaking to Mito, Carmenio told Manuel that Vitoria had loaned them the hotel room to pretend the mansion was under construction. Fausto brings the cake, but says it’s bread. Manuel says Salvador went to ballet, and they suspect she was with Vittoria.

Mariana tries to find out if her dad and mom are okay. Fernando says they are going through a complicated phase.