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SIC woman | Beatrice Lakeat Recounts A Painful Episode With Her Newborn Daughter: ‘She Didn’t Breathe’

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Marta Batira

Thiago Karamogo

Marta Batira, Commonly known as the stage Beatrice LakeatShe was a mother for the first time on March 15th, and this last month half of her already realized that motherhood doesn’t just have a pink side. This Thursday, the artist posted another video of her embarrassed leader, Beatriz, revealing a shocking episode she lived with. Louisa Days after birth.

>> BEATRIZ LIKES to display the face of the newborn daughter in a new video record

Beatriz's daughter loves it

Beatriz’s daughter loves it

Instagram playback, DR

“When you think giving birth was the worst-case scenario you have faced in your impolite life, comes a Powerberryo.”He begins by saying, before speaking in the frightening moment, what happened when he came home.

“I was listening to some Capicua songs in the bedroom and the baby’s father was in the living room. Suddenly … he entered with Louisa in his arms as if he was a narrow, purple, almost black doll. She choked in her pocket and couldn’t breathe.”She recalls, also explaining that Capiqua advised her father to blow on the girl’s face, then she was put face down and massaged in the lower back area. “It starts to take on a more natural color, starts to come back to it, to breathe (…) Then there was a cry attack (…) It was a really bad sight (…) If something happens to this creature, it will be hospitalized.”He advances, then finishes with his characteristic sense of humor: “I’m a prisoner of Louisa.”.

Beatrice Lakeat and Danielle Felix leave the birth with her daughter, Louisa

Beatrice Lakeat and Danielle Felix leave the birth with her daughter, Louisa


In this video, Marta Btiira also talks about complicated postpartum moments, such as a first visit to the bathroom, breastfeeding, or even a baby’s first bath. Watch everything in the video below:

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