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SIC woman |  "I was uncomfortable at the time," admits Hugo Sequeira. "I felt a lot of stigma."

SIC woman | “I was uncomfortable at the time,” admits Hugo Sequeira. “I felt a lot of stigma.”

Hugo Sequeira It was in the afternoon of SIC on Thursday, May 27th.

In an honest and affectionate conversation with Julia Pinheiro The 45-year-old actor remembers the darkest period in his life that brought him to A. Psychotic break, right Now Find out more here.

An episode, when it went public, was highly publicized. Media coverage that ended up affecting Hugo’s acting career.

I was totally vampire by the media. There was a panic about talking about drugs, maybe if I talked about it it would have been better, but no …“He said.

After this episode, the actor went through a long period of recovery and admitted job prospects were diminishing, he says, thanks to the stigma that lingers associated with mental health.

I never knew how to talk to people. I never put a wedge in it. All I did was I loved what I was doing and they invited me to the projects. I don’t know how to approach someone and say “I’m here”. I became uncomfortable at that time. I felt a great stigma“, reveal.

However, he is back on stage and currently continues to work in the entertainment world. In addition to being an actor, Hugo Squira also teaches theater lessons.

I became deeply depressed and went back to work after going to Julia’s show. I tested myself again, in a monologue, and everything was in place. Today I love the actor more than I did when I was twenty years old. At the point where I had a little more workHe added with a smile on his face.