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Sicily, Italy: – Sound the alarm:

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The Italian newspaper says that agriculture and hydroelectric power are at a standstill, as is tourism Wean from solid.

Due to drought and lack of rainfall, the island is drying out.

In the city of Agrigento, southern Sicily, many tourists have already canceled their vacation for fear of ending up in a hotel without water, according to the newspaper.

Many hotels have installed cisterns to deal with thirsty tourists and water shortages.

The alarm sounds: the heat is spreading

– Maximum

The weather has been dry in Sicily for a long time, but with the arrival of summer it has become very extreme, he said. Italian Meteorological Institute.

Many areas of the island suffer from water shortages, while lakes and reservoirs face the risk of drying out in the short term without significant amounts of rain. They wrote that crops were lost and animals were in danger of death.

Holiday destination Italy now imposes a bikini ban. 20 minute reports.
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Meteorologists point to the severe drought that struck Sicily at the beginning of the millennium, and they say that the situation today is approaching the same situation.

– In recent years, the average annual temperature has been very high, especially last year, in addition to the absence of cold periods in winter.

Worsening: more than 900 dead

Worsening: more than 900 dead

– Concerns about olive and grape production

So the impact of this year's drought looks very similar to the 2002 drought. Not because the drought has lasted so long now, but because average temperatures have risen in a way that exacerbates the consequences.

– Most long-range weather models predict another warm and dry autumn, with little rain in Sicily.

It could also have consequences for us in the north, where olives and grapes are produced in Sicily.

– Fears of a disaster for the olive and grape crop, Aviner writes.

According to ECMWF data, autumn on the Italian holiday island will be characterized by very high temperatures and well below average rainfall.

– If this scenario occurs, the drought situation may become more serious, and the majority of the population will be affected. Reservoirs will dry up, Italian meteorologists write.

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