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Sict strategic planning agenda meeting of the State Council for Innovation, Science and Technology

The first meeting of the year of the State Council for Innovation, Science and Technology To present the strategic planning of the Secretariat of Innovation, Science and Technology (to rule) to The period from 2023 to 2026. Chairman of the Board of Directors, Secretary Simon stlp led the meeting In addition to the explanation for the groupIssues that will guide its managementAnd Delivered to publish Innovation progress in RSAnd Which achieves inventory balance From 2019 to 2022 that it Projection splow the next few years.

For the future, Simon highlighted his desire to do so position a Rio Grande do Sul As a global reference in the field of innovation. “we have toLook at the different areas and for you Characteristics, including thinking about the general policies of the state. like sOath, we have to think of the country as a whole.”.

With this guiding goal, the secretary introduced Strategic Planning to ruleIt is derived from three axes: to shiftinclude and connect. The inclusion axis includes social innovation and innovation in education; Transformation includes competitiveness in strategic sectors (agriculture, health and semiconductors), energy transition and technological reconversion; and link backand up to smart cities and innovation ecosystem.

The State Innovation Council has membersGovernment, civil society, academia and the private sector are intended for discussion Sector actions and initiatives, in order to contribute to the quality of life in Rio Grande do Sul. attended the meeting The following members wadvice: Aderbal Lima, Allen Eggers, Angela WeissArthur gibbonAnd Clouder Antonio NespoloAnd beneficiary Almeida Lopez, Everaldo DaroncoFabio Levas, Jorge Krug, Juliano Jimenez, Lysian Lemos, Paolo SalemPedro Valerio Susana Kakuta and Vinicius Martins.

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