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Signs indicate it will be launched soon

Signs indicate it will be launched soon

Samsung's 2024 flagship news should be released sooner than we imagined. There is not yet much information about the Galaxy Ring, the Korean brand's smart ring, but some indications point to its debut in the coming months.

On January 31, users of a Reddit forum in the United States reported that the episode had appeared in the Good Lock app. This is the official Samsung app that allows you to customize many of the company's devices.

Using the image, you can set your phone, watch, Fit band, Buds, and of course the Galaxy Ring.

The existence of the wearable device was confirmed by the manufacturer during the first Galaxy Unpacked event of 2024, last month, when the Galaxy S24 series was launched.

However, the company did not provide many details about the product. I just made a teaser.

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Taking into account other smart rings already available on the market, the Galaxy Ring is expected to monitor health indicators, in addition to calculating physical activities.

Information from the site SamMobile.

How it should work

  • If this is indeed what the Galaxy Ring does, then I'm putting myself here as an enthusiast.
  • Firstly, because I love exercising so much and I never got used to the idea of ​​running with a cell phone or an arm brace or anything like that.
  • I also don't wear a watch, so I've never been to the market for a smartwatch.
  • On the other hand, the ring seems more comfortable and practical – even for sleep monitoring. Or do you, the one who wears the watch, also sleep with it?
  • The truth is that Samsung is keeping the news completely secret at the moment.
  • However, some people say that they have already tried it and praised the device.
  • Analyst Avi Greengart is one of them – and said the ring is very lightweight and will come in different sizes.
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Other models

It is important to note that Samsung's initiative is not new to the market: this type of product has been around for some time.

In fact, the Korean brand is tapping into a niche market that has done well.

Hey Digital lookFor example, I already talked about the launch of the so-called Oura Ring in March of last year.

There's also an Evie ring from Movano; Circular air, superhuman; And the thin ring is from the ring.

They all sell for an average price of US$300 – with up to US$50 variation up and down.

Of course, this isn't cheap, especially for a small ring. But it's also far from the Apple Vision Pro.

The good news is that the entry of a giant company into the business world can bring a boost to the market, with increasingly innovative products, sometimes at reasonable prices.