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Signs of a possible ceasefire

Signs of a possible ceasefire

Russian President Vladimir Putin has indicated that he is open to a ceasefire that would stop the fighting where the war is currently taking place. This was reported by two sources close to the Kremlin New York times.

The information must have been provided diplomatically through back channels.

– They say they are ready to negotiate a ceasefire, a senior international official tells the New York Times.

The Russian proposal is said to be that the front lines that exist today become permanent and that the areas occupied by Russia become part of Russia.

The sources told the newspaper that Putin is ready to move on in life.

– He is willing to stop the current situation of war. A former Russian officer says he is not willing to step back a single metre.

Ukraine had previously said that a ceasefire is not appropriate until all the areas occupied by Russia are liberated today.

Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told the newspaper that the information they are providing is incorrect.

When asked if Russia was ready for a ceasefire on the current front line, he pointed to the president's recent statement that his goals for the war had not changed.

When Putin spoke to his generals on Tuesday of this week, he said that Russia's war aims had not changed. The Russian president bragged that Ukraine was now so surrounded that Russian forces could “do whatever they want.”

-We do not give up what is ours. Putin said: If they want to negotiate, let them negotiate.

Russian forces now occupy 20% of Ukraine.

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Tormod Heyer, a professor of strategy and military operations, told the Dagbladet newspaper yesterday that Ukraine has 800,000 soldiers, while Russia has 600,000.