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Simeone praises Felix and ensures that he is “compatible with everyone.”

Simeone praises Felix and ensures that he is “compatible with everyone.”

Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone confirmed that he would receive Joao Felix in the team, if Chelsea did not go ahead with the permanent signing of the Portuguese international, as revealed by the president of the federation. mattresses Enrique Cerezo.

“He’s an Atletico Madrid player. If he doesn’t have a place at Chelsea, like [Mauricio] Apparently, Pochettino said, he will have to return to Atletico Madrid, he will have to work with us again, and obviously we will be willing to give him the best so that he can improve what we think is important, ”he confirmed, in an interview with El Partidazo de Cope.

The Argentine coach also left several compliments to Felix. “He has tremendous conditions, he heads well, he shoots well with his right foot and left foot, he has skill, a technical player, he has a vision of the game, he is smart and he will be whatever he wants. He is.”

Simeone also considered that in the event of an offer for the Portuguese striker, “it is necessary to know whether it is economically the best for the club,” but he stressed that he could work with the player.

«I’m compatible with everyone, as long as we can win. I don’t have a problem with anyone. He made it clear that I have an open mind to give myself to those who present themselves.”

During his loan spell at Chelsea, Felix played 20 matches, scoring four goals.