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Similar study reveals what science says about people who are similar but not related |  Nice

Similar study reveals what science says about people who are similar but not related | Nice

In football, it seems mandatory! If you are a star, you have double. In the cinema there are all kinds. And, of course, there are the “Brazilian versions” of Hollywood stars – in this standard, no one competes with Dan Stolbach and Tom Hanks, right?

With celebrities, this lookalike is just for fun. But recently A scientific study finds that the similarity can sometimes exceed appearance.

People who are not related, but are very similar – they have been the focus of Canadian photographer François Brunel for many years.

“Since I was little I’ve noticed a lot of similarities. Also, for many years, everyone told me I looked like Rowan Atkinson, who plays Mr. Bean. I didn’t even know who he was, but the day I happened to see him on TV. And to my amazement, it was the same. Then the idea came to me to look for similarities who do not know each other personally, and to take pictures of the exact moment they meet,” says the photographer.

In 2014, according to a report in the American newspaper The New York Times, Francois’ work became world famous.

A group of geneticists from Barcelona, ​​Spain made a scientific connection. And so on, Thanks to photographer François, and super viewers, what started out as a joke, as art, ended up becoming a science..

“We wanted to understand if the similarity comes from homologous DNA, in the case of these super-homologous, or if it is caused by environmental factors,” says researcher Carlos Garcia.

Until, eight years later, the results appeared in a very important scientific journal, Cell Reports. The discovery about super-similars lies in the following:

“These people, in addition to being very similar physically, are also similar in genetics and DNA. More so than if they were compared to the general population,” says the researcher.

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