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Simon Ghazar celebrated as a savior

Simon Ghazar celebrated as a savior

When Christian Eriksen suddenly collapsed, Simon Khajar jumped on the field and gave first aid to his teammates.

The captain of the Danish national team then created a screen with the other players as medical staff quietly continued treatment for the collapsed Erickson.

Khajer then took care of Ericsson’s partner, Sabrina Kiwist Jensen, who then rushed to the lawn from the stand. Gajar held her in his arms, talked to her, and comforted her – the doctors fought for Erickson’s life.

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Gajar celebrated for a quick response after Ericsson’s breakup

“He was lying on his side, breathing, and there was a pulse. But suddenly it changed, and we started with a heart massage,” said Danish team doctor Martin Poison, describing the dramatic scenes at Copenhagen’s Bargan Stadium. “We were able to get him back.”

Gajar made sure that Ericsson did not let his tongue slide down his throat Daily Mail Or Cassette Dello game Announced.

Nicole Barrella, Eriksen’s team – mate at Inter Milan Kajer, who is on contract with Milan, was praised for his quick response in his Instagram story. “Beyond the colors, compliments, Simon,” Barella wrote. “A real captain and a real man.”

Hullmond explains the sequel to the game

After Ericsson was confirmed and taken to hospital, the game resumed at the team’s request. Finland won 1-0 with a goal from Joel Bozanbalov (60th). (Game to read on ticker)

“The players could not imagine being able to sleep on the bus for a game on Sunday morning. It’s better to do it right away,” said coach Caspar Hullmond. The only catch date is Sunday at 12 noon. Even Eriksen’s desire to end the game. But it turned out to be “incredibly difficult.”

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“The players wanted to try, but some couldn’t play,” Hulmond said, struggling with tears at the press conference. “We tried our best. You can’t play a football game at this level when you have to deal with such a difficult thing.”

Khajer asks for an alternative

The situation was particularly close to the former Wolfsburg cage. The captain had his team down on the field at 8.30pm on the resumption, but the central defender asked for his replacement in the 63rd minute.

“Simon was very hurt, deeply touched, they were very good friends. He wanted to try, but it was impossible. Emotions overwhelmed him,” Hullmond later said. “It’s totally understandable. It’s hard to imagine myself playing a game of football.”

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This situation will be difficult to deal with in the coming days. The coach stressed that “professional assistance” would be provided to the players.

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