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Simon Tomalla + Silvio Heinweater: Separation after 12 years

Simon Tomalla + Silvio Heinweater: Separation after 12 years

Simon Tomalla
Separation from Silvio Highwater

Simon Tomalla and Silvio Heinwetter: The big age difference of 20 has never bothered them.


Simone Tomalla and Silvio Heinwetter met and fell in love in 2009, and they lived together for twelve years. Now the surprising news: the couple broke up.

When Simon Tomalla, 56, and Silvio Heinwetter, 36, “Built” asked, “We broke up by mutual agreement a few months ago and became friends,” the love affair was confirmed.

Simon Tomalla + Silvio Heinweater: Separation after 12 years

Their love story began in 2009 when Tomalla asked a handball player for a photo. Despite being almost 20 years apart, they stayed together and showed the world how happy they are. You, the famous actress, she is the goalkeeper of the national handball team.

But nothing else can separate the two – not even their different characters. “He did not enjoy an easy time with me,” the actress admitted in an interview with “Bunde”. “I’m a tough person, a lot of comfort. My mood swings will be serious one day.” Tomalla belongs to the sign of Aries, so there are “horns”. Heinwetter, on the other hand, is a Libra and frantic on the field. “Otherwise he’s in balance in the best sense of the word. He’s grounded me. The right balance for me,” she was curious about her boyfriend in January.

The dream couple has a long-distance relationship since 2020: Silvio Heinwetter moved to Castle, where he plays for MD Melsangan. Simon Tomalla travels between his hometown of Berlin and Bavaria, where he appears regularly in front of the camera for the popular ZDF series “Frolling”.

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