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SINDEL considers EDP's position “unacceptable”

SINDEL considers EDP's position “unacceptable”

The National Union of Industry and Energy considers EDP's position to maintain its proposal of 3% increases with a minimum of 60 euros unacceptable, especially after it announced a 15% increase for EDP management.

The National Union of Industry and Energy (SINDEL) considers the company's stance and position “unacceptable”. The union returned to its meetings with the EDP today, after a few weeks of hiatus.

The union reveals in a statement that the company “without any shame” maintained its proposal of 3%, with a minimum of 60 euros, after announcing a 15% increase for EDP management. “The house is on fire and EDP is adding more fuel to the fire by announcing in this plenary session the end of the negotiation process and implementing its proposal, through the Administration Act, at the end of March.”

SINDEL stated that it “will work to intensify its fighting actions, specifically moving towards a dispute resolution process with the Ministry of Labour.” “Contrary to what it claims, the EDP appears to be closed to dialogue with unions and reluctant to meet workers’ demands.”

The union also challenges all workers who hold EDP shares to be present at the shareholders' meeting on April 10, “to show their dissatisfaction and make their voices heard in a forum that will certainly approve all proposals made by an authoritarian and inhumane management!”

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