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Singer and songwriter Sarah Tavares has died at the age of 45

Singer and songwriter Sarah Tavares has died at the age of 45

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Singer Sarah Tavares died on Sunday, November 19, at the age of 45. The information was first provided by SIC Notícias, and then also confirmed by Observador. The singer was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2009 (which put her on hiatus for eight years) and in recent months she has ended up racking up cascading complications.

Sara Tavares first gained notoriety as a contestant on the talent show “Chuva de Estrelas” in 1994, when she imitated Whitney Houston and ended up winning the first edition of the SIC production. A year later, he won the Song Festival Award with Call the music She represented Portugal at Eurovision, finishing eighth. He then followed a unique path in Portuguese music, occupying a space of his own and a very personal sound, crossing the structures of pop and urban music with the African traditions in which it originated and always moved, in both Creole and Portuguese, reflecting all his influences. And the creative ambitions in albums like Sarah Tavares and Scream! (1996), Mi Ma Bu (1999), balance (2005), Shinti (2009) or fitxado (2017), which earned him a Latin Grammy Award nomination in the category of Best Portuguese Roots Music Album. This year, he revealed new songs on his way to a future new album: Grog Debilha, Paid, Presence that it CurtidoThe last one was published in September.

He added to his special and inspiring creative sound a growing and abiding social conscience, translating all of these ingredients into songs made with a positive sweetness, gentle but with no room to let down his guard on topics like tolerance, racism, sexual freedom (and all the others) and an ever-present sense of community when making music more Much more than just content or subject matter for consumption.

The result was the consensus around Sarah Tavares. This consensus had an immediate impact in the reactions to the singer-songwriter’s death, which followed immediately after the news was confirmed. He was among the first The honorarium is paid directly on the program Voice of Portugal, with the four mentors of the musical talent competition singing at the opening. Antonio Zambogo, Sara Correa, Fernando Daniel, and Sonia Tavares took to the stage to perform the tune. Call the music.

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On Instagram, Catarina Furtado, the presenter who was also present in the broadcast of the program the soundHe shared: “I have no words. Just memories. The best. To Sarah. To Sarah. Unique. Very full. Very soon…,” the Portuguese broadcaster wrote in a post. “The tears that flow through me are of eternal love. Listen to it. Your music. Your words. Your sweetness. Keep your secret. Forever, Sarah.” Catarina Furtado, who was precisely the presenter of Chuva de Estrelas and who co-wrote the theme “Solta-se o Beijo” with João Gil, a song that will be performed on various occasions by Ala dos Outubro and Sara Tavares.

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The President of the Republic also responded to the artist’s death: “We discovered Sara Tavares thirty years ago, while still a teenager, through a talent competition that in the following decades would reveal many of the names we know and admire today. Portuguese of Cape Verdean origin, she has always maintained a strong relationship with her peers, in numerous collaborations and tributes, and close to African music and musicians. In addition to the albums she has recorded since 1996, she represented Portugal at Eurovision and was nominated for a Latin Grammy. After stopping his career for health reasons, he released a new album in 2017, and this year he released a final song. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa concluded an official note in which he expressed “sorrow” and “recognition of his mission, dedication and determination.”

The President of Cape Verde stated that singer Sara Tavares would remain present “as a light that lights the way,” in a message published shortly after the news of the death of the Portuguese artist of Cape Verdean origin, according to Losa. “You will continue to say beautiful things with us, Sarah!” Jose Maria Neves wrote on his personal page on the social networking site Facebook, saying: “Your light will illuminate the path that is still with us, in this land that welcomes us temporarily,” saying goodbye, “See you forever.” , my dear friend”.

Sarah Tavares (1978-2023): the troubled, combative “squiggle” of a full-voiced woman

Antonio Costa wrote in X:”I deeply regret the untimely death of Sara Tavares. Her debut, while still very young, in a talent competition, captivated the Portuguese, having revealed herself as a singer and composer with her own musical language, intersecting different sonic geographies. Sara Tavares will remain in “He will always be remembered for her unique voice and smile. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.”

Portuguese Minister of Culture He also issued a statement of condolence on the death of Sarah Tavares. “His music, which draws on a mixture of Cape Verdean influences and soul influences, is proof that diversity and openness are the oxygen of cultural life. “At the time of his very early death, his personality stands out even more for what he represented in terms of creativity and life,” the note posted on Social Network X of the Ministry led by Pedro Adao e Silva.

On Radio Observador, Pedro Abronhosa recalled the “smile and kindness.” The Portuguese musician said: “Sarah leaves a legacy of humility, perseverance and dedication to the cause of women and the cause of African women, honoring African music in Portugal and Portuguese music of African origins.” “Her legacy is this, a talented young woman who emerges from TV competitions, succeeds and then continues to further her career. A promising voice for the future in contemporary African and Portuguese music.

Pedro Abronhosa: “Sara Tavares leaves a legacy of humility”

“With deep and enormous sadness,” Tozi Brito told Observador Radio that “death marks the end of a very great suffering that she was going through.” “It was a matter of time, because she was so bad, but it was time for her to go, because she was a beautiful person, and she was suffering so much.” The composer and recording editor met Sara Tavares at “Chuva de Estrelas,” and at that time signed a contract with BMG (which he headed at the time). “I accompanied her throughout this stage and we had a great friendship and closeness. I watched Sarah grow. I saw her become a woman and I realized the talent she possessed. In addition to his exceptional voice, he was a beautiful human being, with a very strong personality. After that, he found his own voice and fought social struggles with great commitment.” “He had tremendous strength that could only be interrupted by illness” and from then on “life became completely different,” because “his health did not allow him to be any other way, but the talent and the will to live were always there until the end,” he added. “This will be remembered forever,” said Tozi Brito, who admitted that he was proud and happy that he was “the first to help him editorially.” “I miss him so much,” he concludes.

Toze Brito: “I saw Sarah grow up and become a woman”

On Radio Observador, musician Samuel Urrea referred to the “gentle person” that Sarah was, which made it “very easy for us to become friends and love her.” In 2013, Samuel Uriah released a version of Call the music He revealed that it had a calming effect on Sarah: “She admitted to me that she calmed herself down. Because it was an absolute success, and she was so young.” [na época do Festival da Canção, em 1995]He did not revise many of his interpretations of the music. He added: “Sarah made this song a special song.”

“It was very easy to be friends with Sarah Tavares,” says Samuel Urrea.

Paulo Flores, the Angolan singer who sang with Sara Tavares, spoke to Radio Observador about “a very great loss, not only as an artist, but as a human being. He was a being of light who gave us energy and affinity in this Portuguese language.” The space you gave us, it’s so emotional to feel this loss so early, so new. The singer admitted that Sarah Tavares’ music reflects “a tenderness, sweetness and thoughtfulness that has given us all a new ability to love, be loved and be proud of who we are.” “It is a point of light that disappears too soon,” highlights Paulo Flores, who recalls his work with Sara Tavares and their personal relationship “almost like a brotherhood” and “mutual support.”

“Sarah Tavares was a being of light. She gave us energy,” recalls Paulo Flores

“What a pain. Aphid. Queen. Falls,” “Carlaw wrote on Instagram, who worked on various occasions, collaborated and shared moments and stages with Sara Tavares. like Slow ing“Thank you, Mana. For everything you’ve taught us. For your dedication whenever we’ve crossed paths. I’ve learned a lot from talking with you.” With the same feeling, Behind Ibalangawho met in Buraca Sum Sistema (and beyond) with Sara Tavares and simply posted a photo with the singer’s name.

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Moulinexmusician and producer, also paid tribute to Sarah Tavares, on Instagram: “Forever Minina di Céu. One day I told Sarah that working together is my dream. “I have to want to,” she replied, smiling. And luckily I did. We wrote a song together About a little girl who one day set out to conquer the universe. It is a great honor to keep so many of your memories forever, my dear Sarah.

Sarah Tavares: “I didn’t do anything for 8 years and it wasn’t just because I was sick. I was really angry.”

Nuno Guerrero, lead singer of the band Ala dos Outubro with whom Sara Tavares sang Leave the kissShe also praised the singer on social media, and published two photos of herself. In turn, Marissa Liz remembered the “brightness and light” of Sarah Tavares. “We have been together many times in life and in music. I hold the times we sang together close to my chest. Praising the “unparalleled talent” with which Sarah Tavares “overflowed,” Marissa Liz maintains her “smile, generosity and mastery.” “I cry.” For you, I salute you and thank you. Once again and forever,” he wrote on his social networks.

Historian and former MP Joacine Katar Moreira reacted to his personal X account“A light to all of us black girls. We all saw your amazing, strong personality like never before.” “You will forever be that sparkle you brought to us. He noted that this golden voice contrasted with a difficult life. The former MEP also wrote: “You left us so many beautiful things… Thank you Queen!” Ana Gomez in X.

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