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Singer Cher is filing for guardianship of her 47-year-old son

Singer Cher is filing for guardianship of her 47-year-old son

After being accused of hiring four individuals last year to kidnap her youngest son, Elijah Blue Allman, Cher filed to manage his assets. North American website TMZ says that the artist claims that the 47-year-old musician, since her second marriage to Gregg Allman, has been addicted to drugs, which prevents him from managing his own assets.

According to documents submitted to the Supreme Court in Los Angeles in the United States, which were seen by People magazine, Cher, 77 years old, wants to take over the management of Elijah’s wealth, as he finds himself “largely unable to manage Elijah’s wealth.” their financial resources.”

The petition asserts that the son is “desperately in need of a loved one to protect his assets from loss or injury,” as he is “currently unable to manage his assets due to very serious mental health and substance abuse issues.”

The “Believe” singer also asserts that Allman's ex-wife, Mariangela King, whom she accused of kidnapping, is not qualified to serve as conservator. This is because “the turbulent relationship was characterized by a cycle of drug addiction and mental health crises.” Cher expresses concern because she believes any money directed to Elijah will be spent on drugs, putting his life in danger.

The temporary protection application evaluation hearing is scheduled for January 5, while the preliminary trial is expected to take place on March 6. This is while we are still talking about the guardianship of Britney Spears, who lived for 13 years under the complete control of her father, after she developed psychological disorders. He has been free for just over two years, but no one has forgotten the controversy surrounding him.

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