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Singer Vita gives birth to her third child: Find out her name

Singer Vita gives birth to her third child: Find out her name

Vita gave birth to her third child. The singer broke the news to her fans on social media on Wednesday evening. What is the gender and first name of the newborn baby?

Vita announced to her community in December 2021 that she was pregnant. She is already the mother of two boys, Liham, born in 2011 and Adam, born in 2014, and was pregnant with her husband Hicham Penta with a third child.

The 39-year-old singer announced the happy event on Wednesday, April 13 on social media. She gave birth to a baby girl … along with her husband, who decided to name the baby Noah. The delivery took place on Sunday, April 10th.

Vita wrote on her Instagram account: “Noah, 10/04/22. Congratulations on showering me with your most beautiful creatures once again”.

Vita has been a safe bet on French song for many years. Since collaborating with rapper Diams in 2006, he has had success writing and singing his first single, “My Sister” and many other artists, such as Strome, Amel Bent or Claudio Capio. Since 2018, his duet with Slim has just taken Vita on the path to glory. The first single was “I Give It to You”, followed by the album “VersuS” and “VersuS: chapter 2”.

Vita and Slimman have decided to resume their solo careers, and will begin the “VersuS Tour” in a few weeks: they will be in Zénith de Pou on June 9th, June 10 in Zrennith de Toulouse, Arena de Montpellier, June 17, August 26 in Agen, In Toulouse on October 25th, Pav on October 27th and Arena de Norfone on October 28th.

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