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Singers.  ABBA is back, more than all of us

Singers. ABBA is back, more than all of us

Here it is – the new ABBA in digital version. She will tour to the end of the world and live longer than all of us. Until someone is willing to pay for it.

I wrote a long time ago about the fact that the dead and hologram concerts are the future of the music world. But I don’t think epidemic – and digital music shows of various forms – will accelerate this situation so much. Today not only are the current stars of the first level touring forever, but also thanks to the digitally created avatars – always young.

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ABBA in the study of George Lucasa

The latter decided to test the Swedish APPA, returning to the studio and stage four decades later. Please do not worry, Penny Anderson, Agneta Faltscock, Annie-Fried Lingstadt and Bjorn Ulvais are alive and well, as far as I know. The announcement of their new album (the album “Voyage” is set to be released on November 5th) has not been as sensational as the expected series of concerts. In May 2022, ABBA’s musicians will no longer perform on stage in London, but their digital versions were created with the help of Industrial Light & Magic experts, a company founded by George Lucas. In this edition, they are young, ready to execute the assumptions of Master Wayne McGregor’s dance accurately, do not get tired and certainly will not strike if you know about overtime or shows in several places at once. They can be hung to the maximum. However – to be admitted – the ABBA team was waiting for the appropriate, most stable and reliable technology.

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The idea of ​​coming back in the form of “singers” is not new – it has been talked about for years. From the ABBA camp – and the band’s publishers – were aware of the band’s continued popularity among young audiences who found their successes through Mamma Mia’s music and film! It sets the stage for secure investment, such as the massive CGI platform initiatives that showcased refreshed versions of ABBA members. At the same time, embellished, flawless versions go against CGI’s technological advancement in movies and video games – making it truly representative of the people. Maybe Penny Anderson can take things in his hands and control the image of the band?

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ABBA digital and old-fashioned

This digital version of ABBA is reminiscent of craftwork (the Germans invented the idea by having their own incarnations – robots – in concerts, with impressive structure) or the “tron” movie. Will it appeal to audiences raised in high-budget video games? On the one hand, we can already see a great deal of interest – yesterday’s announcement of ABBA’s return on YouTube was followed live by millions of people.

On the other hand, the same audience can expect contacts. For example, concerts in closed sports worlds – such as Ariani Grande recently as part of the Fortinites Rift Tour – give her a complete immersion in the digital world. These types of online events register millions of people. In the new version ABBA will be the most exclusive concert, but – probably because we do not know the details – is very old in nature.

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Instructions and holograms

This whole view of a great show pushes the songs, in the context of the already presented “I Still Believe You” and “Don’t Shut Me Down”. This style is identical to the original, known many years ago, yet there is no doubt that the incredibly talented Anderson – the brain of the band’s composer – could do better. The latter song is more convincing, although its arrangement and melody line are already a perfect extension of the old line and it reminds us of the flip side of technological development: today it is not just about creating famous artists – live or not – in digital versions. You can accurately follow their style in works written with artificial intelligence.

Anderson is undoubtedly useful, but only for a short time: he has already been scanned (he complained that he had to shave his beard) and has been converted to a digital version, but in the future – as much as possible, at least I like him – he can also handle writing ABBA’s hits algorithm.

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