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Single UI 4.1.1 is confirmed to arrive later this year

A Samsung representative (via TizenHelp) confirmed the version number in a post on this forum, in response to a question about a bug in one of the Good Lock apps.

New version of One UI for smartphones and tablets Samsung Galaxy is confirmed almost every time Samsung Launches a new flagship smartphone. as such Galaxy Z Fold 4 it’s the Galaxy Z Flip 4We expect Samsung to update the build number to 4.1.1, similar to what happened when going from 3.1 to 3.1.1 last year with Z fold 3 it’s the Z Flip 3.

Samsung representative confirmed (Across help) The version number in a post on this forum, in response to a question about an error in one of the files Applications from Good Lock. Unfortunately, that’s all we know. As usual, Samsung isn’t talking about the new features we can expect in the next One UI update, although there’s a good chance there aren’t many major changes in 4.1.1.

Galaxy A33 5G network

One UI 5.0 should bring exciting news

The largest number of new additions is likely to be exclusively for Samsung foldable phones. Non-foldable Galaxy phones and tablets will likely get some changes from One UI 4.1.1 as well, but as we saw last year, Samsung could jump the latest version of One UI to non-foldable devices.

For all the Galaxy devices that can’t be folded, One UI 5.0 is what will bring all the big changes along with Android 13. Once again, although some of the features of Android 13 are already known, what will be implemented in the One UI update is still a mystery at this point. Samsung’s major software updates have become increasingly focused on small details over the past few years, and One UI 5.0 is likely to deliver news of important details.

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For now, all we can do is confirm that our Galaxy phone or tablet is eligible to receive the One UI 4.1.1 update, the One UI 5.0 update, or both.

Stay tuned for more news.

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