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Siro Immobile and Lorenzo Insine explain Sears

Siro Immobile and Lorenzo Insine explain Sears

For Italy the start of the European Championship at the Rome Olympic Stadium was like a movie.

“It’s a perfect evening – said Siro Immobile, who threw Squadra Assura’s 3-0 win over Turkey 2-0.” We did our job, we wanted to start well, we did. “

It was more beautiful than the conclusion that the heroes could finally rejoice with them at the Diffusi on the field. “It’s even better to see the enthusiasm of the fans. We dedicate this win to them, to those who are fighting this nasty virus,” Immobile said. (Crazy non-decision after corner kick)

“Sielini believed in a phone naughty”

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The joy of the former PVP striker and his teammates had a special background, as explained by two goalscorers Immobile and Lorenzo Inzine (scored 3-0).

“Lino Punfi (Comedian Icon in Italy, d. R.) Giorgio tried to call Sielini before the game, but he believed it was a prank, “said Inzine.Roberto Mancini, D.R.) Shown in front of the assembled team. In it he asked for a helping hand while celebrating the goal.

Immobile states: “We received a message from Lino Banfi asking us ‘Borca Putena’ (Translated free from Abulian dialect: ‘Holy shit’) To say when celebrating the goal – and Insignia and I both did ”.

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The Lazio striker and the Napoli star ran to a nearby camera after their victory and spoke the wrong words to them with a mischievous laugh.

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