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Sisters Ollared Marietta and Jonelle have no contact

Sisters Ollared Marietta and Jonelle have no contact

Swedish TV presenters Maritta Söderström (79) and Gunnel Hyvönen (77) have captured the hearts of the Swedish and Norwegian people in their Kanal 5 series “Ullared”. The series was about those who worked and those who shopped at the Gekås Ullared megastore in Sweden.

About the friend: – Live a different life

In the same series, I also got acquainted with Ola-Conny Wallgren (59) and Morgan Karlsson (50) – the former recently participated in the Norwegian “Camp Culinaris”.

Sisters Söderström and Hyvönen starred in “Ullared” as regular customers at the department store, and quickly became favorites with TV viewers. Now the series is over, and against Sweden to hand in Can Soderstrom tell us about the sisters’ relationship today.

drama: Management at Gekås in Ullared estimates that NOK 50 million worth of valuables are stolen each year. One of the most famous profiles, Ola-Conny Wallgren (54), is upset about the drama now unfolding. Video: NTB Scanpix, Mary Rosland. Clip: Organ Ryland / Dagbladet
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– Yes say it

According to the website, Hevonen, 77, has struggled with his health in the past, and Soderström now says it appears to be improving. At the same time, she says that they no longer have any particular contact.

– I think things are going well, it’s been a long time since I spoke to her. That was more than two months ago, says the 79-year-old and continues:

- Maybe a ring on the finger

– Maybe a ring on the finger

– I’m not doing very well (in terms of health, editor’s note) either. The guy called me, he spoke to her and then she was fine.

When asked why they haven’t connected, Big Sister is lip tight.

Practice: Things didn’t quite go according to plan when Ola-Conny Wallgren went into training. Video: Dplay
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– Yes say it. I do not know what to say.

will not meet

On top of that, Soderstrom says she’s not entirely sure why she and her sister haven’t been in contact, but she says that neither of them are communicating with each other.

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He had little fear of death

He had little fear of death

She also reveals that they have no plans to meet up in the near future, and explains that it is because travel is too expensive. Nor did she think her sister could bear to make the trip to her.

Hevonen did not comment on her sister’s statements.