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Six habits you should adopt as soon as possible, according to a cardiologist

Six habits you should adopt as soon as possible, according to a cardiologist

HThere are uncontrollable risk factors that increase the risk of developing diseases, but other factors depend only on us, and this also applies to heart disease, which is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. For a healthier lifestyle, you just have to make six small changes to your routine and stick to them.

The person offering it is cardiologist Abeer Berry, who shares videos with tips that have become a hit on TikTok. Here are six habits you should follow to reduce your risk of heart disease and live better:

1- Eat anti-inflammatory foods

“You should reduce your consumption of processed and fried foods and reduce meat. Focus more on fruits, vegetables and legumes,” he says.

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2- Do moderate exercise

The goal, he says, “is to move as much as possible. That's why swimming, walking or cycling are also important.”

3- Reduce stress

Abeer Berry says we should take “time to meditate, have a spiritual moment or meditate.”

4- Think positive

By maintaining “hope about future events, the greater the likelihood of positive health outcomes.”

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5- Evaluate unhealthy habits and seek help to correct them

“We must evaluate our unhealthy habits, such as smoking, alcohol and other substance use, such as drugs. If you are struggling, seek the help you need.”

6- Get the necessary hours of sleep

“Make sure you get at least seven hours of sleep,” he says.

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