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Six hours was enough for Cristiano Ronaldo’s post with Messi to enter the top 10 in Instagram history – CR7 Diary

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The number of prints has crossed the mark of 22 million “likes”. Right now, it has less than half the share it leads

It was just before 6pm when Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi and Louis Vuitton stormed the internet with a post Photo of two football stars sitting at the same table playing chess🇧🇷 Posting naturally had a huge impact on social media, but maybe not all of a sudden. It’s just that, after almost six and a half hours, the aforementioned post has already surpassed 22 million likes, which already puts it in the 10th place with the most likes in the history of Instagram. That’s in… six hours!


And it is very likely that the bill will increase in the next few hours, not least because on the other side of the world, especially in East Asian countries, they have now just “woke up” to this engagement. Which would make it entirely possible for the post to rise to the third level (@employeewith 30.1 million (or second place)Another CR7 sharein the case of announcing the birth of twins, with 32.5).

Further, far, he is the leader of this particular: account posting world_record_egg with … an egg🇧🇷 At the moment it has 55.8 and in the last few hours it has been invaded by many Cristiano Ronaldo fans with the “threat” that it will soon be surpassed. Question: When?

According to the log

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