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Six new car parks in Lisbon by 2025

Six new car parks in Lisbon by 2025

Lisbon Municipal Mobility and Parking (EMEL) on Friday announced six new car parks by 2025, with more than 3,200 places, representing 57% of the €58 million investment planned in 2022-2025.

“In 2022 we expect to build Lumiere Market Gardenfor the year 2024 Pátio das Sedas, a park located in the parish of Campo de Ourique, then until 2025 Pinside Park, Maria da Fonte, Alto de São João and Pontine NorteIt is the latter that will be the Great Deterrence Park, which is located next to the futuristic Feira Popular and which will be a park with a large number of vehicles, within 1,800 seats,” said EMEL President, Luis Natal Marques.

As part of a hearing on the municipal budget for 2022, which was held by video, with deputies of the Lisbon Municipal Council, the president presented the company’s business plan, which “for the period 2022-2025, create six new car parks with a capacity of more than 3,200 places “.

Regarding the car park in Pontinha Norte, Luís Natal Marques said that problems arose with the intervention of the Metropolitano in this area and with the registration of ownership of the land, which are also located in Odivelas and Amadora, as well as Lisbon, so it is necessary that the projects will have a “triple approval” by the municipalities .

Discounts for residents

Regarding the application of a 50% discount on EMEL parking for residents of the capital, a measure proposed by the current CEO of the municipality, the head of the municipal company said that for this purpose The parking system must be changed and it is necessary to access all 24 parishes in the city.

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“If there are parishes in which there is no e-mail, for example Marvilla and Alcantara, in order to somehow grant this advantage to the residents, we must be in the parishes, otherwise we will not know who the residents are who will be able to give them at the end of the accounts to attribute this advantage to a deduction 50%”, explained Luis Natal Marquez, noting that registration must be registered for this and the procedure will work through the mobile application or parking meters.