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Six things to know about the new season

Six things to know about the new season

From Saturday, September 4, with the resumption of playing on the pitch and the return of the public to the stands, the new season and new challenges for the top 14 clubs. New faces and key names are always more desirable to compete with the new doubles winner State Toulouse (interrupted due to the 2019-2020 Championship Govt-19), not to mention the rules that change the game and change the new game. An overview of the different keys to this 2021-2022 season, to know everything before the hostility begins.

Toulouse, a twin to protect

Reach two consecutive doubles, none. The author, in 1996, recreated the first double at the European Championship-Cup, State Toulouse twenty-five years later. Meanwhile, under the Bernard LaBorte era, Dolon only achieved it in 2014, but no one did it for the second year in a row. The XXL challenge facing Rouge et Noyer this season was marked by the expulsion of several executives from the workforce (Yoann Huget, Jérôme Kaino and Cheslin Kolbe), but the crowd of young people from training is always ready to be trusted.

Before him was a worthy successor to Pierre Willebrex or Guy Noves, a teacher who would recreate himself by coach Ugo Mola. “It is a big mistake to believe our position […] If our team is vigilant, we will continue to perform better. If she sleeps, she will become normal. The players are not even questioning themselves, but accepting their position today. “, He announced at a press conference on Friday. The warning and training and good sports tradition for a club expected in all territories in France often allowed it to be one step ahead of the others.

Kuritrani, Lamabe, Nagarawa, Jaminet … new leaders

A new generation of French soldiers was born during the XV de France summer voyage in Australia. Captain Anthony Jellonch, 25, who moved from Castres to State Toulouse, will be one of the key leaders of the season to ensure a new status. I hadn’t even played a minute on the plane until then, but USAB Melvin Geminit (22 years old) was impressed this summer in blue, so he sets the final season on the Pro T2. . Among the pioneers, many talents have been announced, including Leo Bertie (LOU), Joris Seconds (State Francis) or Antoine Hustoy (Pav).

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The off-season made it possible to renew some teams with a regular tendency to return to players from Super Rugby and the Southern Hemisphere. The centerpiece of Australia is Devita Kuratrani (30), Pioritz’s first experience in Europe, and All Black Gangani Lamabe (28) in the state franchise. Not to mention Fijian second-ranked Leon Nagarawa (33) and New Zealand opener Lima Sopoka (30) who dominated Dolan.

Cheslin Golpe, exchange in the form of a revolution

His hasty relocation from Toulouse to the port of Toulon at the end of August caused a lot of talk. At the age of 27, springback winger Cheslin Golpe, with 18 caps, has decided to give his life a new twist. Beyond its own will, it led to a debate over the type and size of a game it was accustomed to seeing its players exit at the end of its contract. One of the most important exchanges in the world of rugby was the negotiations to buy the last two years of the 2019 world champions’ contract, which follows Cole Fico’s contract at the end of last season.

Crossing the state franchise from Racing 92 last April, in the middle of the season, the Blues’ three-quarters center was already making a lot of noise in the Oval’s microcosm. On RMC’s microphone, Dolon chairman Bernard Lomotre simply explained: “We are not opening a new era. It has already opened. We are recruiting Colby before the start of the season, which is a completely normal exchange.” There is absolutely nothing forbidden in this type of transfer during the season, only habits are regrettable: an old and firm system, any contract is the key stone between a player and his club.

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Public return to grounds

This news was expected by rugby fans and it is useful now. With the end of the measurements on June 30 and the expansion of the health pass made possible, the 100% return of the public to the halls will undoubtedly be the highlight of the first weekend of the Top 14. It should bring extra soul to home teams like the interested audience of State Rochellez and Marcel-Deflander.

Prior to the cut-off due to Govt-19 in March 2020, the Mauritius had a 100% occupation rate of 16,000 locations in the Rochelle area. The co-champions of France and Europe, the Roselois will undoubtedly make their 16th man pass a lesson. A second wind to the complex funding of the best clubs, some of which were more than last year’s risk after almost a full season behind closed doors last year.

50:22 Rule and its influence on the game

Each year, consecutive rules appear in the first 14. Of the five new features introduced by world rugby since August 1, 50:22 rule is debatable. Encouraged to make the game more fluid and give the attacking teams an advantage, this novelty is very easy to understand: the system touches the opponent 22 meters or 22 meters indirectly from half the field. Half on the field, have to throw in favor of him.

This rule, which was tested last season in Super Rugby, should encourage them to distribute their players more evenly and with less concentration in one area of ​​the pitch. On the enemy side, the fear of an extended game of aggression and kicking at all costs is very much alive. The first element of the response is Saturday at 2 p.m.

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Perpignan and Biarritz, the return of the two castles

Two famous clubs are reborn from their “ashes”. The pillars of the 2000s and early 2010s, the USAP (French champion in 2009, finalist in 2010) and the Pierce Olympics (French champion in 2002, 2005, 2006) are deep again. Two years after leaving him, Sung Ed Ars is back in the top 14 with the firm intention of not repeating past mistakes. An experience Champion de Pro T2 And a small modified joint to focus quickly on only one goal : Maintenance. Led by his captain Matthew Aseps, the Catalans want to start strong to do better than the two victories they gained during his last experience in the elite.

Last season Pierrez did not necessarily expect the Olympics. On June 12, after an incredible barrage against Bayonne at Aguilera Stadium (tab 6-6, 6-5), the Basques chose a recruiter who lived up to their expectations (Mark, Cronin, Heron). The elite are seven years after their final season, promising that their return will be dangerous, believing they will have to play the role of referee against the big teams in the final stages of the big 14 like Perbignon.