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Sky Cruise, the futuristic hotel that hovers above the clouds and can stay "limitless" in the air

Sky Cruise, the futuristic hotel that hovers above the clouds and can stay “limitless” in the air

Invented by Tony Holmstein, reimagined and animated by Hashem Al Ghaili, the Sky Cruise is an air-tight hotel that can host up to 5,000 people without the need for landing. At least, this is a project idea that is unlikely to come true due to the laws of physics and aerodynamics.

The scholar Hashem Al-Ghaili publishedon her YouTube channel, posted a video showing the Sky Cruise concept, a Air hotel ‘nuclear powered, hovering above the clouds’.

The futuristic hotel, capable of “accommodating five thousand guests,” is designed to be the “ultimate travel experience,” as stated in the animated video.

Its “elegant design” combines the characteristics of a commercial airliner and a luxury cruise ship.Sky Cruise has a giant auditorium with a 360-degree view, accessed via an elevator, and the main platform “ideal for leisure activities – it houses shopping malls, gyms, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, playgrounds, theaters and cinemas.”

There is also a place for organizing events and business meetings, and even a space for weddings.

“If you want to declare your love above the clouds, Sky Cruise’s wedding space gives you, your partner and your guests A unique and unforgettable experience‘, he assures the world.

On board there are also places where you can relax and watch the stars or the northern lights.

In addition to all this, Sky Cruise It will not emit a carbon footprintIts 20 electric motors will be powered by nuclear power.

A small nuclear reactor will use highly controlled nuclear fusion to give the air hotel unlimited power, meaning the hotel will never run out of fuel and can hover in the air “infinitely” without touching the ground.

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According to the scientist, he will not feel turbulence on the plane, because navigation systems can use artificial intelligence to predict disturbances minutes before they occur. If a system is detected “Anti-turbulence technology” It can prevent you from feeling.

“Everything has been thought of for your comfort and safety,” says Hashem Al Ghaili, assuring that Sky Cruises will put an end to jet lag, motion sickness and the fear of flying.

Most. In the event of a medical emergency, the plane will be equipped with the latest technology and both materials and guests will arrive at the giant hotel via electric commercial planes departing from various airports around the world.

However, It will be difficult for Sky Cruise to come true Because of the laws of physics and aerodynamics.