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​O pierwszych 20 minutach meczu Śląska z Jagiellonią można by powiedzieć tylko tyle, że zostały rozegrane. Oba zespoły starały się podchodzić wysokim pressingiem, szybko przejmować piłkę, a gra toczyła się głównie w środkowej strefie.

Slask joins Wroclaw, Zagillonia Pialistock

In the first 20 minutes of the match between Silesia and Zagillonia, one can only say that they played. Both teams tried to access more pressure and catch the ball faster, and the game was played mainly in the middle zone.

Slask Wroclaw – Jagiellonia Bialystok 2: 2 (1: 0)

Emotions began with Israel’s Porto’s sharp attack on Matus Brusselik. A young man from Silesia flew high in the air and called for medical help after the fall. The referee only penalized the Spanish player with a yellow card, and the hosts’ midfielder never returned to the field. Moments later, Bartosz Kwiecień, another central defender of the guests, was shown a yellow card. The benefit of the hosts was evident from that moment on.

At first, Exposito scored a superb free kick, but Xavier Djigonsky showed an even better march. Robert Pitch also had a chance to score, but his opponents were able to block his shot. When it appeared that the fans would not see the goals until the break, Christoph Mekinsky made an excellent pass. The captain of Silesia played in the remote post, where Exposito hit the net with a technical shot.

The second half began with the attacks of Zagillonia, which quickly brought a goal effect. After a corner kick, the ball went to Thomas Brickrill in front of the penalty area, he decided to shoot immediately, and there was no chance for the blocked Michael Sromnick. A moment later it may have been 1: 2, but Jesus Imas could not beat the Silesian goalkeeper in a good situation.

During this time, the people of Wroclaw looked like they were staying in a dressing room. They lost the ball quickly, stood up and played and really saw what their opponents were doing. If not Szromnik, guests must drive after a quarter of an hour.

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Silesia escaped the pressure and moved the game slightly away from its own penalty area, but the spectators still had the advantage. Jacellonia played too much pressure, which the hosts could not fully cope with. The spectators quickly caught the ball and their actions did not have an effective end.

Residents of Wroclaw occasionally left their own half, practically never coming to the penalty area for guests. Until the 82nd minute. The ball bounced off the left wing of Marcel Zilla, then past the pole where Adrian Lyszars was running. The Silesian midfielder won the air fight and ended up in the net at close range.

Wroclaw wisely moved the game from their own penalty area and it looked like they would retain the win. They made only one mistake, they lost the ball and after a counter attack, Imas headed in the balance. Silesia started the game again from the inside, but soon the referee blew the last whistle.