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Småby settled by Hurricane Storm in the USA: - Heartbreaking - VG

Småby settled by Hurricane Storm in the USA: – Heartbreaking – VG

Mayfield in Kentucky is one of the places hardest hit by the tornado that swept through several US states on Saturday.

There was a strong storm on Saturday night At least 30 tornadoes battered the states of Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky.

So far, there are many indications that it was the latter state that bore much of the brunt. During a news conference, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said they believe the death toll could rise to more than 100 during the day.

In the town of Mayfield, which has about 10,000 residents, almost no downtown building stands. Images from an aerial view of overturned cars and uprooted trees.

“It’s really sad and heartbreaking to look at our community,” said Kathy Onan, Mayor of Mayfield. CNN.

IN GRIT: Downtown Mayfield, Kentucky, is hard to recognize after a series of tornadoes devastated the state on Saturday.

Onan says they are moving people who have lost their homes to a nearby church. But the church that was located in the center of the city was demolished.

Our water system is no longer working. The mayor adds that there is no electricity.

Mayfield Electric and Water Systems reported that 5,288 of a total of 5,299 customers were experiencing power supply problems, according to the site.

Many people fear dead after the collapse of the factory

A little over a hundred workers at Mayfield Consumer Products’ candle factory are said to have worked late into the night to finish preparations for Christmas the night before the storm took over the city.

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The next morning the building had collapsed. Forty people were rescued, according to Reuters, but many are still missing.

“We had to crawl over the dead to get to the victims who are still alive,” city fire chief Jeremy Creson said during a news conference.

The fire chief also said rescue work was difficult as the Mayfield Fire and Police station was destroyed in the storm.

The authorities have not confirmed the number of dead people found in the ruins of the factory, but Governor Bashir said later Saturday that there was no longer any hope of finding any survivors under the rubble of the factory.

Collapse: The candle factory collapsed while there were more than a hundred workers in the building. Much is still missing.

According to Reuters, there are still 40 workers from the factory whose fate has not been determined.

Kiana Parsons Perez says NBC She was trapped among the rocks for more than two hours before being picked up by rescue crews.

– I didn’t think I would, she says.

Concerns about the host family

Ulf Alexandersen (52) of Berlevåg was previously an exchange student in Kentucky. For nearly three years, he’s been visiting the host family in Mayfield.

– From the pictures, it looks like the city has been flattened. I don’t know the place again, he told VG.

Alexandersen now hopes that his old colleagues and members of his host family are safe, and that the death toll will be lower than the Kentucky governor fears.

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The visit: Ulf Alexandersen, 52, visited his former student town Mayfield two years ago. After the hurricanes, the place is unrecognizable, according to the Norwegian.

My school friend says it looks like a bulldozer has slipped through the center, and my hostess had to hide in a bombed-out room at the church, says Alexandersen.

– At the moment it is difficult to contact people, so I do not know exactly what the situation is. He adds that so far I have not been informed of the injury of any of those I know.