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Smaller banks are the ones who pay more for term deposits

Smaller banks are the ones who pay more for term deposits

An expert from the ComparaJá platform highlights that despite the phenomenon he identified in Portugal, this financial product still represents a “great” investment tool for those who want to guarantee additional savings.

Term deposits are a good investment, and in Portugal it is the “less popular” banks that pay more for these products, which remain popular, despite low interest rates, which are below inflation (see piece on page 8 of this edition ).

In an analysis conducted by André Pedro, General Manager of the ComparaJá platform Connected Comparing and analyzing financial products and services, for JE this expert is of the opinion that this savings tool still represents a “great” alternative: “Term deposits are a great investment tool for all those Portuguese who are doing their best to make some extra savings through private income”, highlights Spotlight on this person. For the expert, it is easy to identify the factor that prompts the Portuguese to choose this financial product because “in addition to the practically guaranteed return of capital, the most attractive factor for term deposits is related to the fact that most of the offers available on the market do not require a high initial investment amount.”

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