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Smartphone apps and games to accompany roasted chestnuts on Sunday - Apps

Smartphone apps and games to accompany roasted chestnuts on Sunday – Apps

Autumn is approaching, but the summer sun is still shining. You can already smell the roasted chestnuts, and the storefronts are strictly decorated around Halloween. But there is nothing more fun than trying new apps and games for your smartphone. And if it’s free, it’s even better..

This week, the SAPO TEK team continued to search for the best proposals, whether they were exotic applications, such as “blind” walks, which Literally guide users to interesting places to visit and maybe they still don’t know.

But the games are the highlight of the week, From culinary proposals where the cat heroes are; Intense action RPG inspired by medieval worlds; Or a team game that challenges friends to guess what others have drawn.

Learn about applications and games in detail.

Have you tried “blind” hiking? Suggestion from Random Walking app

Random Walking aims to be an original and different app from traditional apps meant for walking, or simply “walking”.

Instead of acting as a GPS or a route tracker, the random walker intends to do so Guide users to places that might be interesting to visit.

Based on a specific site, RandomWalking It will indicate places of interest, among the monuments, museums, squares, streets and architectural structures, among many others located around it. Just follow the arrow.

Just open the app and suggestions will start popping up, but The final choice of ‘path’ always ends up being the user. RandomWalking’s proposals will adapt to your decisions and the streets you walk on, always with the goal of discovering new places.

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At this moment, the application is collecting information and More than 10 thousand citiescoverage More than 570,000 points of interest.

random walk is Free ads containing. It is available for Android and iOS devices respectively from Play Store and gives App Store.

Join a duo of cats on culinary adventures around the world in Hungry for Home: A Cat’s Tail

Hungry for Home: A Cat’s Tail is a proposal that promises to appeal to those who can’t resist adorable cats, fans of cooking games, or simply those looking for a fun way to pass the time.

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Hungry for home: a cat’s tail It takes players to a world completely inhabited by cats, where they accompany them Deceived by porters and Chipsuki, two brothers are lost in uncharted territory, while trying to return home.

The task does not seem easy, bearing in mind that they have no money and that in order to return home they must travel halfway around the world. However, thanks to an unexpected friend who loaned them a trailer, Suspenders and Chibisuke They decide to use their culinary skills to sell food.

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To ensure that the heroes of this game arrive safely, the house will receive Helps meet customer demands by creating combinations of ingredients to create new recipes. Along the way, you have the opportunity Meet a bunch of curious charactersEach has a story to tell and some twists on the mix.

Hungry for home: a cat’s tail Available for AndroidFrom from Play StoreAnd the And for iOSAcross From the App Store. Although it can be downloaded and played for free, there are additional paid items that unlock features such as removing ads, with prices ranging from 1.09 to 23.99 euros.

Demon Hunter: Shadow World is an RPG with a lot of side action

The player embodies a monster hunter full of powerful weapons and magic to confront demons and powerful bosses.

The new RPG for smartphones from Electronic Arts puts the player in the shoes of Demon Hunter, a demon hunter, but he doesn’t mind making life dark for any kind of monsters that cross his path. This game is played in a 2D side view, similar to the metroidvania format, and it promises smooth gameplay, although it has an interface full of action buttons.

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Look at the game gallery pictures:

One of the most exciting points of this adventure are the confrontations with giant bosses, and the promising epic battles. Once defeated, the protagonist will have to capture his soul to become more powerful and advance through the dungeons to find more enemies. But To try to face powerful bosses, you will have to find new weapons and equipment, in a format similar to the usual “thieves” like Diablo 3, to build more robust structures. There are even runes to use with spells, thus initiating different techniques.

The adventure consists of four PVE sections, with different difficulty modes. But you can also face other players in the available PVP arenas. Here are the modes to unlock the adventure, such as Altar of the Darkness and Boss Mode, which will test the skills of players..

The game is available for free for smartphones Android.

Gather your friends and have fun guessing in Drawling

The goal in the drawing is to correctly guess what the other players have drawn. In the end, the player with the most points wins the game.

Are you looking for games to add to the excitement of the weekend? Whether with friends or family, Drawling is a suggestion to consider and has a mechanic similar to the classic Pictionary board game, but in the smartphone version.

To start playing just create a new game room. After giving it a name you can Determine the list of words to be used, as well as the number of players who will participate in the game.

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Once all participants are gathered, each one on their smartphone, you can start the game. When it is your turn to play, you will have to select one of the displayed words and draw it for other players to guess.

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Whoever guesses correctly before the rest of the participants gets points. In the end, the player with the most points wins the game.

Drawing is available for Android It can be downloaded for free from from Play Store.

This app does not lack music to listen to. It is radios all over the world

Come to free apps that allow you to access online radios to listen to music. This collects 65,000 hypotheses, from more than 200 countries around the world.

At work, on vacation, traveling or even at home, there is no place or “way” to stop those who enjoy listening to music. Online radios It can be an excellent alternative, especially from a free app.

FM Radio: Tuner Radio & FM is the mobile ‘reporter’ for the OneStop Radio web platform, giving listeners a range of About 65,000 stations from more than 220 countries.

it’s possible Search among the radio repository by name, frequency, city or genre, among other examples. It also has a “Near Me” option, which shows the current possibilities based on the user’s location.

Otherwise, you can too Set an alarm to wake up to music from the radio or your favorite genre, as well as run the timer in reversethat is, to stop emission during sleep.

rely on show List of the most popular with the possibility to create your favorite radio setwhere you can add shortcuts from your phone’s home screen.

rely on show List of the most popular with the possibility to create your favorite radio setwhere you can add shortcuts from your phone’s home screen.

FM Radio: Radio and FM Tuner It’s free and available for AndroidAnd the from Play Store.