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Smartphone market revenue rose and Apple outperformed the competition

In an increasingly active market, major smartphone brands such as Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi are seeing their revenue grow strongly. More and more are being sold, especially the higher models.

Reflecting this growth, revenue also continues to increase, revealing the strength of the market. Apple is at the top and spearheaded this growth, leaving all of its competitors behind.

After months of minimal smartphone sales, the smartphone market is recovering at a high pace. Show this final report From Counterpoint Research, which analyzed the revenue generated by smartphone manufacturers in the past year.

This generated total revenue of $488 billion in 2021, which is a 7% increase over the 2020 numbers. The average sales price of smartphones grew 12% annually and reached $322 thanks to the growth of 5G devices.

Samsung market revenue for Apple smartphones

Apple again comes at the top of the list with total revenue of 196 billion and a share of 44% of revenue. Cupertino has seen increased demand for the iPhone 13, as well as continued interest in previous models. The average price was $821, which is a historical value.

Below is Samsung, with growth of $72 billion and 11%. The average price for this brand grew by 5% and reached $263, with growth in the mid-range and premium ranges, which contributed the most. The highlight here is to triple revenue from foldable models,

Samsung market revenue for Apple smartphones

Xiaomi and OPPO also stand out with revenues of 36 and 37 billion, respectively. Xiaomi's growth reached 49% compared to 2020 values, while OPPO stood at 15% in terms of average sales price growth.

There is still room for Vivo, with revenues of 43 billion, which shows the good moment for the brand. This scenario illustrates the development and recovery of the market and the good moment that brands are experiencing, especially Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and OPPO.

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