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"Smolensk" is the worst film in the world?  On a popular website, he posted the lowest ratings

“Smolensk” is the worst film in the world? On a popular website, he posted the lowest ratings

“Smolesk”, directed by Anthony Cross, is one of the most important films in Polish cinema for some poles. However, the popular IMDP service among movie fans recorded dramatically lower scores. Does it deserve the title of the worst movie in the world? The issue is highly debatable.

“Smolensk” Is one of the loudest film productions in recent years. For good reason. The 2016 film, directed by Anthony Cross, presents events inspired by the crash of a Tu-154 government plane with 96 people on board near Smolensk, Russia, since April 10, 2010, including President Jodie Lek and Maria Kokzyasky. Although the cause of the catastrophe has long been explained by a group of independent experts, politicians and supporters of the rule of law and justice, Lek Koksiyski’s mother party and his brother, the current leader of Jarosa’s party, are still leaning on conspiracy theories, an attack claiming that it is. Rather than paying tribute to the victims, the “Smolensk” film is unfortunately a propaganda creation that reaffirms the belief that the truth about the Smolensk tragedy is hidden and that those responsible are not being punished.

Recently, as usual, the film has become louder again as it celebrates the 11th anniversary of events in Smolensk and rebroadcasts on DVD. “Smolensk” on the web is considered one of the worst products in the world. Where did this idea come from? On the IMDP website, which is very popular among cinema fans, the film directed by Anthony Cross received a score of 1.2 out of 10 and 12,000 people reported watching the Polish production. This fact is liked by “Dykotnik NIE”, which is known for creating memes, making fun of movies and posts, and posting the general message of its aesthetics on its social media: “Smolesk” did not have 2,000 negative ratings to become the worst film in the IMDB list. I don’t need to tell you what to do with this. So, the “Smolensk” film deserves lower marks because it is a bad film, or a plot for it, isn’t it another?

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In the wake of a wave of comments circulating on the web that “Smolensk” was the worst film in the world, the following spoke: Katarsina Sozka-Kominiarsuk, journalist and author of a blog Pop culture is animal. He pointed out one important thing, namely that the assessment on IMDP is certainly not objective because there is a whole envelope around it. “The film is very, very, very weak and it is a quest for conspiracy theories. It is very clearly a film on one side of the political assessment of events. This does not change the fact that the rating of the film is a political announcement after the post, and this is not the best example of how collective ratings of images on websites can always be manipulated – be it political or ideological. Now that we are all together, we can elevate the work of “Teddy Bear Fur – it does not match its cinematic value” – wrote the author Pop culture is animal.

“I talk about this because we still do not know some of the methods involved in evaluating online cultural work and how much these pollsters say about Internet users about the selected culture. Works. I regret that this “Polish film is the worst in the world” and that there are few mechanisms to take production scores. The only hope that the review will be more than a thumbs up or some may feel is that it requires a broader perspective than a sensational report on the worst film in the world, ”said Katarzyna Sojka-Kominiarsuk.

“Smolensk” actually tops the list of lowest rated films on the IMDB, followed by products such as “Saving Sismus”, “Daniel del Jaber” or “Ahoy Girls”.

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