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SMS holds Preventive Disembarkation Day for Women at the Carlos Gomez Multilateral Center

SMS holds Preventive Disembarkation Day for Women at the Carlos Gomez Multilateral Center

In support of Pink October, last Wednesday (11), the Municipal Health Department held a Preventive Victory Day, at the Carlos Gomez Polyhealth Center, in the historic center of Salvador.

The measure promoted by the Multicentro health team oriented the unit’s patients on the importance of women’s health care through routine check-ups, such as preventive examinations, colposcopy, and ultrasound of the breast and thyroid to prevent diseases such as cancer. The initiative also included the distribution of brochures.

Thanks to the active guidance and research carried out at the unit, Mariana dos Santos, 31, was able to obtain a referral for transvaginal ultrasound, breast ultrasound, thyroid ultrasound and colposcopy.

“I came to make an appointment with a neurologist for my son, he is autistic, and I got his medical report which I had been looking for for a long time, and he scheduled these tests for me. “I am very happy, because I see interest improving this year.”

Camila Santos, 35, also went to Multicentro for her son’s appointment and received a referral for a breast ultrasound ordered by her gynecologist. “I am so grateful that I came to bring my son for follow-up, and I was also able to schedule a test for myself,” she said.

On Thursday morning (12), eight people had a preventive test with nurse Edna dos Santos.

“Any service that is free for the population is great, especially preventive services, which are sometimes very difficult, and we make them available at the center, where they are accessible to everyone. I will continue to guide people not only in terms of breast cancer prevention,” the nurse said. “But also so that women can look at themselves and be a little more careful about their health.”

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Malena Alleluia, nursing coordinator at the Multicentro Center, explained that preventive care is important, as it examines the cells of the cervical tissue, thus preventing cancer in this area. “It is important for all women to get tested, especially since we are in Pink October, Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. He pointed out that it is necessary to take preventive measures annually, so that if any changes appear, treatment can begin as soon as possible, thus increasing the chances of recovery.

Preventive examination is the main means of obtaining early diagnosis of cancerous lesions in the cervix, even before the condition develops, which increases the chances of recovery to 100%. The examination also helps in diagnosing changes at the site caused by HPV, vaginal infections and infections, and in diagnosing sexually transmitted infections (STIs) that do not have external symptoms.


The Multicentro team has adopted Wednesdays as a preventive day, but testing is carried out from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 12 pm and from 1 pm to 6 pm, by open request, i.e. without the need for an appointment. . On site, referrals may also be requested for transvaginal ultrasound, mammography, cervical cytology (preventive) and consultation with a breast physician for women with medical indications and in the screening age range (50 to 69 years).


Throughout the month, the Municipal Health Service (SMS) develops measures to raise awareness among women and prevent breast and cervical cancer. Also on Wednesday (11), the HPV vaccine and other immunizations were made available during the Children and Adolescents Festival, held in Parque da Cidade. This Friday (13), there will be a talk on the importance of undergoing a medical examination, encouraging consultations and examinations at the Multicentro Amaralina.

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On the 19th and 26th, Mercado Modelo and the Liberdade neighborhood will host, respectively, the Women’s Health Fair in Maluca, an action targeting homeless women. Services such as preventive measures, respiratory disease screening, testing for sexually transmitted diseases, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for HIV, condom distribution, and guidance on tobacco harm reduction will be provided, in addition Referrals for documentation, assistance, social benefits and legal guidance.

The SMS also provides more than 300 places for mammograms in contracted clinics and places for mammograms and transvaginal ultrasounds at the Municipal Hospital of Salvador (HMS), for people who have previously scheduled appointments in the health units of the Cajazeras Health District. The Neighborhood Health Program also offers free, walk-in mammograms with just an application, SUS card and photo ID.