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Snapshot further customizes its card to integrate recommendations

This Wednesday, July 28th, Snapshot announced the launch of the “My Places” feature on its SnapCard, connecting users with more than 30 million businesses. Social networking suggests nearby cafes, restaurants and other locations for users based on previously visited places and places stored in Favorites. This update will allow you to send addresses to your friends and keep track of visited companies.

Customized card
My Places is available directly from Snap Map and has three main tabs: Visited, Favorites and Popular. As its name implies, the “Visited” tab takes into account frequent visits, and the “Favorites” tab allows you to keep track of places that are particularly appreciated by the user. Finally, the “popular” tab is a real novelty, as it is the first time that Snapshot has used a method to provide customized suggestions to its users. This algorithm takes into account where you are, what you have already tagged or liked and where your friends and other Snapshotters have visited.

Like Google and Apple, social networking also provides useful information such as address, phone number, website or opening and emergency time. Snapshot does not support the route, but offers to open it on Maps or Google Maps.

Numerous acquisitions for its map
Snap did not provide further details on how this new feature works. The company has increased acquisitions in recent years to strengthen its mapping service. In 2017, Snap presented its friends to French geologist Genli to use his technology to locate on a real-time updated map.

In January this year, Snap also acquired StreetCred, based on the idea of ​​listing its service points of interest and other geographical data. Finally, a few weeks ago, the social network brilliantly launched the start-up Pixel 8 Earth, which set up a participatory platform for collecting videos and creating maps from this data.

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Promising results
With more than 250 million active users on Snap Map, the company continues to push its mapping tool with new features. Last May, an update called Layers was announced. This allows partner companies to add data directly to their own card. So far, Snapshot has partnered with Ticket Master and The Innovation, a restaurant recommendation website, to offer shows and restaurants for users to visit.

Snap plans to continue to integrate these layers tool into its map and especially into its “My Places” tab. Announcements in this direction should be made later this year. Last week, Snap announced that in the second quarter of this year, its revenue and number of daily active users grew at the highest rate in four years. Annually, usage has increased by 23%.