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Hyllest til prins Philip utenfor Windsor Castle

So is Prince Philip’s funeral – NRK Urix – foreign news and documentaries

The ceremony will take place in line with coronary restrictions and only 30 people can attend. According to the court, the simple ceremony also aligns with Prince Phillips’ own desires.

About 800 guests from home and abroad would have been invited if the Corona pandemic had not spread to the world. Thousands of people might have crossed the stretcher path under normal conditions.

Now the police have been asked to keep the public at a distance, for infection control reasons.

People visited Windsor Castle on Monday, as Prince Philip’s stretcher is located before the funeral at St George’s Chapel.

Photo: Peter Chipora / Reuters

Buckingham Palace confirms that Prince Harry will leave the United States to attend the funeral, while Duchess Megan will not attend the pregnant woman on the advice of her doctor.

Land Rover holds a casket

On Saturday at 1145 local time, soldiers in parade uniforms will drive the sarcophagus from the royals’ chapel at Windsor Castle down the short drive to St George’s Chapel.

It will be housed in a custom-built Land Rover built that was co-designed by the Duke of Edinburgh.

According to British media, it is a modified version of the 130 Defender Land Rover that will carry Prince Philip's stretcher to the funeral.

According to the court, it is a modified Land Rover that will transport the stretcher to the chapel. British media wrote that it was likely the Model 130 Defender in use.

Photo: Land Rover sales

Members of the royal family and Prince Phillips’ closest confidants will parade after the sarcophagus to the chapel.

Here is an announcement from the British royal family with details of the funeral.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip pictured in the quadrangle at Windsor Castle in Windsor, England, before his 99th birthday on Wednesday 10 June.

Just over a year ago, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip appeared in front of Windsor Castle for his 99th birthday on June 10.

Photo: Steve Parsons / AP

Along the way, soldiers from several defense branches will be on duty: the Royal Navy, the Royal Marines, the Highlands, the 4th Royal Regiment of Scotland and the Royal Air Force.

As the procession moves towards the church, a bell-accompanied salute of honor is released from the Curfwe Tower near Windsor Castle.

This is how Prince Charles described his father shortly after his death.

minute of silence

Marines will carry the coffin to the chapel. The funeral will begin after a minute of silence across the UK.

The coffin is covered with the Duke’s flag and decorated with flowers. His medals, orders, and seals will be on silk pillows on the altar.

After the ceremony, Prince Phillips’ coffin was placed in the basement of the church. Upon the death of Queen Elizabeth, the sarcophagus was moved so that they could lie down together in the crypt of past rulers.

secret code

Plans for Prince Phillips’ funeral have been dubbed “Operation Fourth Bridge.”

Opened in 1890, the bridge spanning the Firth of Forth in Scotland,

The codename for Prince Phillips’ funeral is taken from the bridge over the Firth of Forth as the Forth River flows into the North Sea.


It’s a name associated with his nickname, Duke of Edinburgh, as the majestic railroad bridge is located over the Firth of Forth. It is a landmark on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The coded names of royal plans for funerals and burials were introduced in their time so that those who worked at the keyboard at Buckingham Palace did not understand what it was about, he writes The Independent.

But most of the plans for the royal house were nonetheless prepared so long that the symbolic names became known to the public.

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