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“So much did he do that disturbed him.”  Salvador Sobral admitted that his mother "spoiled" his wedding food

“So much did he do that disturbed him.” Salvador Sobral admitted that his mother “spoiled” his wedding food

Salvador Sobral revealed that He will be a father for the first time. On Friday, September 2, the musician released a four-song EP called “Sal”, dedicating one of her songs to the child. The composer is married to an actress Gina Thiam. But do you remember that story told for SIC Mulher?

Salvador Sobral, like his sister and singer Luisa Sobral, was his mother’s guests, Luisa Villar In a program Miss Louisa, from SIC Mulher. The artist has always recognized this talent in his mother and truly believes it is one of his greatest callings: “She has always thought of her as her greatest talent, even though she possesses many talents.“.

Having grown up amid good food, she assumed that everyone, like her mother, was skilled cooks. “I have always eaten well. Then I realized that there are people who did not cook well“He explains.”Suddenly I’d go to friends’ houses and find myself thinking… “Maybe because she’s my mom, I think she cooks better.” But then friends would come to my house and say, “Hey, I’ve never eaten cod like your mom.” Then I realized my luck“.

“When I went to live abroad and had to cook, that was the time I missed my mom the most,” he admitted with a laugh.

Salvador Sobral has also admitted that he believes his mother spoiled his wedding food. “My mom made all the food for my wedding. everybody! For hundreds or so of people… he made bread cod, which I really like‘, counting.

But as she did for so long before, because she has so much to do I think the cod has spoiled. The cod felt more sour…“He admitted.”But people said, “Oh, that’s good, it has vinegar.” But it wasn’t! “How funny, a special touch, cod with bread with a little vinegar.” I think it was because she had so much to do that it got a little sloppy.“, finish.

In a conversation, Luisa Villar’s son also revealed that he wanted to have a meal with her Stevie Wonder, the only living idol he still doesn’t know. On the other hand, I don’t want to share a table with Graça FonsecaFormer Minister of Culture.

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